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  1. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Hi guys .

    This is my new attempt to calorie count . I cant believe I can eat all this food and maintain but here goes!!!!!!

    Brekfast: 1* boiled Egg 93 cal
    2* slices McCambridge Brown 172 cal
    10g flora light 35 cal

    11O Clock
    1* cappucino made with semi skimmed milk 48 cal

    Lunch : Chicken salad
    100g chicken Breast roasted 140 cal
    50g beetroot 20 cal
    50g Iceberg lettuce 7 cal
    100g cherry tomatoes 20 cal
    50g cucumber 5 cal
    50g red pepper 15 cal
    50g low fat coleslaw 86 cal
    25g WW salad cream 30 cal

    Evening snack:
    2* Nairns oatcakes 86 cal
    20g yoplait light cottage cheese 20 cal

    4 oz cooked wholewheat spagetti 132 cal
    100g (1/3 jar) Dolmio sauce 50 cal
    100g lean mince 131 cal

    Night time snack
    2* small plums (90g) 32 cal
    Dirt Yogurt 54 cal
    5* Tea with skim milk 55 cal
    2l water

    Total 1231 cal

    Please feel free to comment or tear to bits !!!!. I am new to this intinsity but like Kered when I stabilise I hope to wean myself off this
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  3. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    I dont eat Dirt yogurts normally !!!ment Diet:wave_cry:
  4. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Really DID LOL!!! xx

    Looks scrummy yummy!! Can't really comment on content too much, don't even refeed till next week but looks great! x


    I've worked out my calorie allowance that I should have for my height/weight/age is roughly 1370 cals a day if I do no excersise whatsoever, so that is what I shall be aiming for every day.
  6. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Thanks Jan, slip of the hand !!!!

    According to that site that Kered told us about my BMR is 1474 cal

    To maintain I need 1769 cal (Sedentary lazy thing that i am)(Mind you I am always on the go!!!! just dont get in a lot of exercise per se )

    Soooo to loose one pound a week need 1269 cal approx so thats what I am heading for.

    Am I getting too anal with this. ?????? (She who has been telling Yas to chill !!!)


    Yes, I think we, (who are maintaining...) shall all have a dose of the Obsessive Compulsive Calorie Counting Disorder from now on....!!!!:sigh:
  8. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger


    LOL !! I am deffo beginning to feel like that !!!!!! but I really want to stabilise and Then hopefully loose some more so it looks like Ill be OCD for a while yet :sigh:.
  9. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    I'm going to TRY (!) not to count calories at all. (HaHa .... the road to hell is paved with good intentions so they say) .. I'm perfectly prepared to eat my words if necessary (and I'm hungry enough) but initially I would like to try to refeed to the letter for two weeks and then follow a low GI/GL plan.
    I have Diet Chef supplies from before LT which I will take away with me for the 5 day break we're having, finish off when we get back and then try to live a GL way of life - not counting anything as such but trying to make the right choices.

    Weeeeel that's the ideal - we'll see if I'm able to maintain that way ..... fingers crossed. xx
  10. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Menu looks great to be honest.
    I loved calorie counting as it gives you a good insight to the higher calorie foods and also the portion sizes, my chicken breasts for example are about a third less than I would normally have eaten.

    Good luck on the calorie counting hun, you soon get into the swing of it and its not so much a chore as the first few days.

    It will be interesting to see my weigh in on Friday with my week of non calorie counting - fingers crossed for me.
  11. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Yeah - portion size is a biggie alright! I learned a LOT about that on Diet Chef and I'm sure refeed will show me more! x
  12. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Fingers and toes all crossed Kered xxxxx
  13. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Glad you cleared that up about the Dirt yoghurts, I thought it was a new make that I hadn't heard about! LOL

    I'm not sure what to do after refeed. I have the calorie counting book but not sure whether to just try to follow more of SW menus, cos I lost weight on that before but just not quick enough for me or just to try calorie counting. My main prob before this was portion control, which after refeeding I'm hoping to have under control. I don't actually want to lose anymore weight after this just maintain at what I am. What to do, what to do!
  14. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    28/05/09 Bit over today .. not the best choice of dinner !!!!!!!!!

    Day 2 Calorie counting

    Breakfast : Egg 93 cal
    2*slices brown bread 172 cal
    10g spread 35

    Lunch : small tin tuna in brine 79 cal
    Bredas salad (Same as 183 cal

    Snack : Maintenance bar 204

    Dinner: 130g chicken fillet 148 cal
    140g brown rice 173 cal
    1/2 jar WW thikka masala sauce 130 cal
    (Very tasteless was dissappointed)

    Evening snack DIET yogurt 54 cal
    Pink lady apple 62 cal

    ToTal for day: 1333 cal
  15. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Hi Guys ,

    29/05/09 Friday

    Brekfast : Boiled egg 93 cal
    2* slices Brown Wholemeal 172 cal
    10g flora light 35 cal

    Snack : Diet yogurt 54 cal

    Lunch : 100g roast chicken 140 cal
    Bredas salad 183 cal

    snack : 2* oatcakes 86 cal
    20g cottage cheese 20 cal

    Dinner : Am going to chinese with friends (First time in 10 weeks) decided to have chicken chow mein which is usually a good choice on ww. going to give it 500 cal(Guesstimating I know)

    Total : 1283 cal
  16. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Runny nose ? cold or sinus ?

    Didnt get to go out after all . had a runny nose all day yesterday and thought it was the start of my hayfever but its now progressed on to totally bunged up ,headache and sore throat. dont know if its just a cold or my sinuses again but I felt miserable all night so ended up having two slices of toast for dinner !!!
  17. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger


    Just been for my weigh in and I am down a pound this week which I am very happy with as at least its in the right direction . Also proves that this calorie counting works. :D:D:D. I think it just took my body a few weeks to regulate after coming off the shakes.

    Still very bunged up today . Dosed up on antihistamines and sinutab . Beautiful day here in south of Ire for a change . Everyone cutting grass though :wave_cry::wave_cry:
  18. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Wow well done on your loss - looks like you're getting there!! Stands to reason our bods might take a while to realise what's going on after TFR but if we do what we're s'posed to ... well look what happens. I'm really pleased for you!

    Sorry about the cold/hayfever thing - my hubby suffers - therefore I do ;) hope you can enjoy the weather anyway! xx
  19. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Thanks jan. My hubbie suffers even worse thani do (Usually has to get steroid injection each year) and my 15 year old lady as well . We are a great crowd in the summer (someone in some part of the house is sneezing and rubbing eyes)

    Ya Thrilled with pound down . Will be sticking to this calorie counting /eating healthily now until i get where i want to be . Doesnt matter how long it takes ....
  20. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Well done on your loss hun, thats great. I think the calorie counting is really great after TFR, at least you get the gist of how much to eat and not over-doing it.

    Hope you are feeling better today xxx
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