New meeting - new week


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:) Morning
I know its cold - I've dug out my hat & gloves! :eek:
Just to let you know I attended my new meeting, with my new group.... Sooooo much better for me & what I need to get out of my remaining 6 weeks!

I've been pack on my packs since Mon, so although I got weighed I have not put on despite eating for the past 2 weeks, I fell off the wagon due to lack of water, emotional crisis's which included my 9 yr old daughter being bullied by approx 7-8 other girls!

Anyway - I spoke to my counsellor about my group feelings, who were all eating & losing more weight than me & decided that a different group was required ASAP.

So gang - I am back, re-focussed, watered up, back in ketosis & feeling good bout things.... I am looking to lose 2lbs a week, anything more than that will be a large BONUS!

Thanks for listening xxx
Hurray ! Glad you are on a good path again ! Hope you have a good week. Emotional stuff that crops up is never easy. I try to look at what makes me want to eat and its usually about stuffing the difficult feelings back down. I haven't done it since being on LL though and still feel quite determined not to. Fingers crossed ! Melissa
Hi Clucks
well done you for getting back on track and stick to it 100% and get that water down you and we will be knocking off those lbs sharpish ;)
you could lose 1 1/2 stone by christmas that a good reason not to cheat and remember when you have a need to eat because of lifes horrid surprises think'' I wont let that make me eat i wont give it the satisfaction''.
((((hugs))) good luck :D
Thanks 'friends'

Thanks you two - your comments are much appreciated! Think I drank 6ltr Tue & Thu, 4ltr Mon & Wed so I nicely hydrated!
I going to abstain until Dec 16th when it's my work do but we're going to the Outback Steak House so I'm 100% having steak & green salad. I don't do desserts, not got a sweet tooth - however I will be partaking in a few tincktures!
I shall get back on programme until Xmas Day & Boxing Day then abstain again until New Years Day when my mum is cooking me and family fantastic feast, I shall then get back on abstinance.
I think as I've got it planned I feel in control about it all xxx
hello stranger!

Hi Clucks - just wanted to let you and LeeBee know I am not going back to the group on Thurs anymore as I have felt so unsupported by LLC and am going elsewhere. Please ask L to say hi to the others and let them know they can contact me on here or DH site. It would be sad to lose touch with everyone. Glad to hear you've got going again.

S x