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new member no losing weight on slimming world

hi all I am new here and starte don the slimming world easy plan 2 weeks ago but I am just not losing weight. It fact i have put on 3.1/2 pounds! Spoken to my consultant who as checked my food diary which all is well. Anybody else had a very slow start to slimming world?
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Some people just get off to a slow start but I'm not sure everything's ok if you're actually gaining. Are you writing down EVERYTHING you are eating on your diary, every single mouthful and morsel? Little nibbles here and there throughout the day can really add up!
Are you having your 1/3 superfree food with every meal, what are you snacking on and how many syns are you having?
hi thank you for your reply. Been told i am not eating enough! I am keeping a diary of all i am eating, most days i am having no syns unless i have a glass of wine. Feel so bloated all the time that i cannot really eat anymore than i am.
You need to have between 5 and 15 syns, try to work them into your meals if you can't fit anymore in at the end of the day, sauces or an additional healthy extra maybe? How much water are you drinking?
Minimins members usually get to the bottom of these things! lol
Trying to drink more water today, now on my 4 large glass
Hey, welcome to MiniMins :) Lovely to have you here!

Please try having some syns - they are there to be used after all, and are not as naughty as their name suggests! Have you been wearing the same outfit each week to WI? Anything got left in your pockets? Had you been to the loo (number ones, number twos, they all make a difference!) before one WI but not the other?

When I can't (literally, physically can't!) go to the toilet before my WI (Thurs 10am) I lose 0.5lb, and it sucks, because I KNOW I can lose 2.5lbs if I go to the toilet! Sorry about the excessive info, lol, just thought I'd help you get my point :) x
i know what you mean re toilet. really sticking to the plan but hard when the weight is not coming off.
Hi and welcome. Our SW members are full of knowledge so suggest you start a diary thread and a food diary thread in the SW section and I know you will get lots of help and support

Irene xx
Hi, I started SW almost a fortnight ago and got told off for not eating my syns. I've tried to add a slice of wholemel bread into my food diary and it does seem to be helping. Good luck