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New Old member!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Wobbly71, 9 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    I did SW previously for a short time but rejoined class last night. The board is really quiet so I thought I would post my food diary - I am not really an expert at SW would normally do WW but fancy a change, also tried CD and can't stand it yeuch!!! hate the feeling of being empty!

    Day 1 - Red Day

    Brekkie - bacon and bread (HEB) ketchup (1 syn)

    Lunch - Salad with chicken, egg and 42 g feta(HEA) gorgeous

    Snacks so far - pineapple, apple, grapes, yogurt

    tea - will be griddled steak with steamed veg and may have a bit of low fat gravy

    tonight's snacks - will probably be hi-fi bar (HEb) and more fruit and yogurt if I need it.

    To all you experts does this look ok? Am over the moon that feta is an HEA choice as I love it with a salad, probably the only way I can eat a salad and enjoy it.

    Will try and post regular and try and get the board a bit busier for all of you who are on regular.


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  3. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    It all looks fine to me Wobbly well done....:D
  4. SkinnyMalink

    SkinnyMalink Full Member

    Slimming World
    Well that's done it, I'm going out to buy some feta NOW.
  5. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    Morning everyone. Finished yesterday on 11 syns - had a curly wurly!!!

    Hope everyone is doing good. I started exercising last night, boy was it toush. Did 20 minutes really high intensity and then a 20 minute walk with he dog. It's not a lot but it's a start. I have brought my trainers to work and will try and go out for a walk at lunch time, but it's pouring down here.

    My food plan for today is: -

    Another red day

    breakfast - bacon sandwich (HEb) red sauce 1 syn

    snack - apple

    lunch - salad with ham, egg and feta (hea)

    afternoon - fruit and yogurt

    tea - not sure yet but will probably get a cooked chicken on way home and have some steamed veg again with gravy 2 syns

    tonight - strawberriesand might use some syns if i want anything else - then a hi-fi bar (HEb)

    milk He a and at least 2 litres of water.

    Speak soon and hope everyone is doing well.
  6. babs

    babs Full Member

    SLIMMING WORLD - The Best!!
    U seem to be better at the diet than i am! I only started yesterday. I hada red day.

    No breakfast - i usually have something throughout the day

    mid_morning Snack - Clementine and an apple

    Lunch - home-made veggie soup

    Dinner - Turkey(leftover from christmas!) turnip and baked potato

    Supper - 3 ryvitas with laughing cow cheese and tomato

    Drinks - water, 7 up free and 2 cups of tea

    Used 1 syn

    Sonban is this ok fr a red day?? You have more experience of it lol
  7. babs

    babs Full Member

    SLIMMING WORLD - The Best!!
    At this exact moment. i am tasting my first FROZEN grape! Its really good........have to go to the shop and buy more now ! BTW, Does anyone have trouble sleeping?? I was still reading at 1am and just dozed for the rest of the night.
    Im away to make spag bog with quorn for dinner.....a first for me. Will let you know how it tastes. Im very fussy eater.
  8. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    I have no trouble sleeping just getting up when the alarm goes off!! lol x
  9. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Hiya Babs are you on a red day today or a green day?
  10. RUTHYJ357

    RUTHYJ357 Gold Member

    Says red at the bottom of the post xxx
  11. SkinnyMalink

    SkinnyMalink Full Member

    Slimming World
    Congratulations Babs on your first frozen grape!
  12. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    I'm off now for thw weekend see you all on Monday.

    Had anothe rred day today and am doing ok I think, roll on weigh in Tuesday!!!!
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