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  1. Freedom

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    Hi all. Starting tomorrow! Quite excited about it and after reading all of the posts feel quite ready. Bought the started pack although they forgot to put the info pack :mad: in so if anyone can help me out with starting info that would be great!
    Look forward to talking to you all more!

    Take Care!

    P.S Have a LOT to loose! :cry:
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    hey, yeah its a good diet, u have a shake for breakfast then a mid morning snack then one fore lunch and a snack and a meal for dinner but you could have your meal for lunch and shake for dinner. and no bread pasta ect...low carbs and try drink 8 glasses of water a day. but for more info you can go to www/
    xxgood luck xx
  4. alison1256

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    Hi - welcome to the CS gang! As sheshe said above, it's pretty straight forward:

    2 meal replacements per day - shake, soup or bar
    3 snacks per day
    1 main meal - protein & veg or salad

    Try to even out your eating during the day to breakfast, lunch, dinner with a snack in between to keep your metabolism up.

    Snacks are: 1 small portion of fruit (but not bananas or melon), 1/2 CS bar, small tin of tuna in brine with salad, 2 slices of meat with salad, small portion of shell fish with salad, 30g hard cheese with salad. They're are more but I can't think of them right now! I also have an atkins bar per day instead of a CS bar, due to there not being a Rowlands where I live and I think others do it to and it doesn't seem to affect weight loss.

    Main Meal: any meat (all fat and skin removed) or fish (not in oil) (women 100-150g) with unlimited veg or salad or 2 med sized eggs.

    You can have a small glass of diet fizzy pop in week one and I guess a little bit more thereafter, but try to drink at least 2lit of water per day - the colder the better, as you burn off more cals the colder it is as your body has to work harder to get it up to body temp.

    You're allowed a dash of skimmed milk in your tea/coffee, a small dollop of full fat mayo with main dish, small dollop of cream or natural yoghart with say strawberries but this is only occasionally (guessing once a week).

    Basically, no extra carbs! Pasta, rice, potatoes, crisps, biscuits, cakes, fats etc etc. There are carbs in the CS shakes etc to give you your daily recommended amount, plus all the vits etc.

    Think this pretty much covers it - are Rowlands posting you the booklet since they forgot to include it in the pack?

    Good luck and keep us updated on how you're doing x
  5. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    You are always so helpful, Alison! :)

    Welcome to the forum, Freedom! I only started CS last Friday (30/01/2009) so I am also fairly new to it all.

    I haven't felt hungry at all really. Felt slightly bloated on the 1st day, but that soon passed. Today is the end of Day 3 and I am starting to feel better already!

    I keep questioning whether I am going to lose any weight eating like this! I am following CS 100% at the hopefully I will have some weight loss at the end of week 1.

    Good luck with your 1st week! I know you can do it!

    Love Lisa :D
  6. Freedom

    Freedom Member

    Thanks for all the info - really useful!!

    Will let you know how I get on!

  7. size102b

    size102b Banned

    :smiley1842:Hello and welcome :D
    Good luck on your CS journey may your losses be H U G E xx​
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