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'New' or 'old' Atkins?

I am determined...yes, but also inspired by everyone on here to make some positive changes.:) I have recently put on more weight than I comfortable with and I have btween 1.5-2 stones to lose.

I know from my experience in the past that low carb is the way to go for me, but I often find myself getting confused or mislead by other 'conventional diet wisdom'. :confused: This is probably not helped by the fact that I have a whole library of diet books.....not only am I a compulsive eater, but a compulsive diet book purchaser too....as if in the act of buying the book I am actually addressing the problem of my weight!

Anyway, like I said I am starting anew, but I have two Atkins books. The original NDR and last years New Atkins New You. Any advice on which is better? Which one do you follow and is there a huge difference between the two?
(Note to self, it is advisable to read the book once purchased!)

I will go and read the induction info for both, but I would really welcome any thoughts from you on what you have found to be best.

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Hi, personally I prefer the old way. It is far stricter and much more clean and green. I don't like the idea of all the "frankenfoods" that are used in the new way and I am sure Dr. Atkins wouldn't have either. For me, sometimes the old ways are best. I'm just an old fashioned girl I guess.:D
May sound silly but I have the new book and havent read the old one, what are the 'frakenfoods'? And should I watch how much I eat of them?
Crazyjaxy said:
May sound silly but I have the new book and havent read the old one, what are the 'frakenfoods'? And should I watch how much I eat of them?
Processed meats and foods that have been doctored in some way, they are frankenfoods, throw your local butcher some business and you will avoid them easy!

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Clean and Green is the quickest way to lose weight - so, every meal is protein plus your carbs from leafy greens.

Some people like a few treats, like sugar free jelly and cream, or Atkins bars - but they have to be occasional as they seem to stall most people if you have them every day.
Ah ok thanks! I dont have much of a sweet tooth so not finding the need for some of those things although I do love pepperami, I will have to keep an eye on it and see if im stalling at all. I did try sugar free jelly and whipped up cream with splenda but I would have been happy with just the cream!

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