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The old me is coming back
Hi Ladies (& men?)

I have been on minimins a while now, my sorry weight loss and weight gain story are on my diary (link below)
I have been calorie counting since late Jan and lost over a stone. Re-joined WW for the millionth time last night as i think i need a bit more structure and here i am!! I hope you don't mind me lurking and posting on here and i have a few questions for the seasened pros!!

1. How do you point when out for dinner at a friend's house? I have dinner at someones house on Sat, they are not best friends so i don't want to have to bring up the diet, but say they do a roast how the blickin heck will i know what to allow?

2. Do you all weigh your food? I have a very heavy hand when it comes to food and dread to think what my portion of pasta would equal!

3. What are some top tips for staying with the programme? Is there somewhere online that has the points that i can look them up? Eg how many points in a chicken breast or do you just know from practise?

What i hated about Calorie counting was a lot of the time i was guessing, how do you avoid that when out for dinner etc? It's easy to count points on things like yogurts or ready meals but how do you do everything else?

I am currently 15.2 (vomit!) i have to fit into a size 14 Coast dress at the end of July, i guess i will need to be approx 12 stone for this, is this a realistic goal? How much on an average week do people loose?

Sorry for all the questions!!
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Likes to eat
Hello Mitten!! welcome!! :)

Ok, I am probably not going to be much help here but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help you better than I can.

1. Dinner at a friends? oh very tough to be honest pet. Generally, I would just bring my own (but could explain that to a friend) or would ask exactly what was used cooking (again only very close friends he he) so I really don't know what you can do here. I suppose try your best to save as many points as possible and you are probably going to have to guess alot of the meal, but if you save a good few, eat light on the rest of your meals on Sat, you should be ok.

2. I would recommend weighing your food - I bought a digital kitchen scales in tesco for about €15 and its brilliant. I was shocked to see how little of some cereal you can have for the point weight - If I had guessed alot I know I would have over estimated alot and would have went waaaaay over. Whats the point of doing the diet if your going over unknown to yourself? its too annoying (thinking) your being good all week and not loosing when weigh day looms.

3. Top tips for staying on board? ok.
a. buy a points calculator - pop it in your bag and bring it everywhere - this way you have point values at your finger tips all the time. I find this invaluable. (I got mine on ebay as I dont go to meetings)
b. Get an eating out guide - it has the point values for alot of well known restaurants so you can plan ahead and always know what your eating.
c. Bulk out all dinners (even ready meals) with loads of veg - these are 0 points and you feel like your getting sooo much more (even if your not a veggie person - mushrooms and onion fried in fry light can be nice??)
d. Drink loads of water - I know your probably sick hearing this but it does increase your metabolism by up to 3% and it does give you a fuller feeling.
e. Stick the most disgusting, "fattest" pic of yourself on the fridge :D may help you stop if your going to go over.
f. There is escource for points on the net for things like chicken breasts etc... but I've never used it. Also, at the top of our page is a sticky "eating out guide" - its brilliant - have a look.

So, you want to loose 3stone 2 by the end of July - well, if you really, really stick to it I think that is definately achievable but you'll have to be disciplined. Weight watchers say you will loose anything from
1-3lbs per week (I think??) soooo from today, you have 20 weeks til the end of July - if you loose 2lb a week between now and then, thats 40lb (2 stone 8lbs) so JUST short of the 3st2 (anyway, you could very well loose 2.5 / 3 some weeks!!!.

Our averages per week completely vary - I've been on ww for 11 months and would (nearly) always loose 2lbs - when I up my exercise (alot) I've found that goes to 3lbs (a week)

The very best of luck pet!! (sorry, think alot of that was rambling!!!)


The old me is coming back
Thanks a million for that, I was beginning to feel ignored here!
So today is my Day 2 and I am still being super careful with what I am eating and pointing etc. I have decided as much as is possible to make/organise all my own food for the duration of this. It makes pointing so much easier; I am laden down with books and stuff now, trying to get everything right!
I have purchased a point’s calculator and find it brilliant, once you get the knack of it!
Anyway, Day 2 nearly over and am getting back into the swing of things!
I have decided not to use my exercise points and try and save a couple every day for the weekend and hopefully that will work out!!!
PS – fingers crossed for the bridesmaid dress.

How are you getting on?


Likes to eat
getting on ok, I was doing really well for a long time there but all of a sudden I've been off the wagon for the past month (well being good Mon - Fri but all goes to pot on the weekend!! - luckily, cos of pointing on week days, I've been staying the same)
Back at it now again - I have to get my act together!!

You sound like your off to a great start!! well done!! and you are so right to have everything organised/ prepared etc.. as your way less likely to mess up!! :)

I was the same, with exercise points - I never used them to eat - just put them by as an added bonus.

Your going to be a bridesmaid??!! oh wow! are you so excited?


The old me is coming back
Ya i am, it was my own wedding in September last year (details of that and my weight struggle are on my diary link) so this time i am bridesmaid for my Hubbies sister (my best friend). Alas she is a tiny size 8 so that doesn't help!! Also she has purchased me a Coast bridesmaid dress in a size 14 (i told her that was my size!) so hence the panic to shift 3 stone before end of July!

At least you have stayed the same. When i reach goal my aim will be to try and maintain by pointing, healthy eating during the week and then going a bit OTT at the weekends, this is all a long way away now.

This weekend will be my first big challenge as we are at my husband's mum's house and all the eating will kinda be out of my control so keep fingers and toes crossed for me!!


Likes to eat
Oh I would love to read about your wedding!!! - I'm getting married in August. am definately going to sit down this eve with a cuppa and have a proper look!! thanks for that!!

You'll be fine this weekend, just keep thinking about fitting into that dress - thats what I do anyway!! keep thinking (as tacky as it sounds) that NOTHING is going to taste as good as being slim is going to feel!!! I know events like that are hard though, but I'm sure you'll have the determination - keep me posted on how it goes!!.

Oh and although I know we are all different, just to let you know that I was a size 12 at 12 stone something AND even though I'm 11stone 10 now, I've been wearing alot of size 10's - I'm 5ft 7 - what height are you?


The old me is coming back
Back again...
So, Week 1 went ok - i lost 2 pounds. It could have been more as i had a couple of bad days that weekend. Next WI on Tuesday and not very positive.
Can i ask the seasoned pros - do you religioulsy stick to your points every day or go over some and under on others?
Also how the bloody hell do you avoid picking? I am a holy terror for eating bits and pieces, sticking head into fridge and grabbing couple of slices of ham, robbing chips off hubbies plate - how can i break this horrible habit? Am trying to allow 2 points every day for misc pickings but i would rather just not pick! Are you all very good 100% of the time?
Thank you so much for the warm welcome to date, you are a lovely, helpful bunch on here!:p

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