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New pup..

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
We're getting a new pup on Wednesday! :)
he's a 7 week old Jack Russell terrier, white with a patch over one eye. :) lovely little black dots on his nose and a few in his fur.

Hoping he takes well to my 3 year old x norfolk. Any tips there ?

I am crate training the pup as did this with sucess with our 3 year old. That will give them a little time apart but i'm not putting his crate far from dookie's bed though.. so they can get to know each other a little.

Getting all his blankets, vet bed, bowls etc ready.. and food of course which i'll be changing in about 10 days or so.

I'll post pics soon. ;)
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Aww good luck with ur new puppy, my mum and dad have just bought a jack russell pup, she is soooo gorgeous.. and v small, think shes about 11 weeks old now.

Mum and dad introduced her to my sisters dog, straight away, my sis had a rottweiller and because they would see quite a bit of each other she started straight away (theres no chance of a meeting with my dog buster because hes not too sociable with other dogs!). They get on great.. so I guess put them together to start with and keep an eye on them.

Mum said her puppy (Bridie) just wanted to play, and my sisters Rotti (Frankie) was a little bemused.. but Frankie is a gentle giant and it all went v well!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ahhh what a lovely pup!
Thanks both for the kind words.

Crate training is an aid to toilet training.. basically a pup is like a baby, sleeps, wakes, wee's, eats, plays, pooh's then sleeps... not always in that order, but generally after a sleep a pup will wee within 5 mins so on waking you let them outside and stay with them while they 'go' either on a patch of grass or concrete depending where you want them to 'go' during your walks.
Then play a bit and within 15 mins of waking they'll pooh... so again.. some time outside and 'job done'! lol

it really did work well with dookie. :) He slept at night in a dog carrier (he's little - so a dog crate would be required for bigger dogs), and from an early age didn't 'go' in there. We had about 3 accidents in the house from what I recall.

Have a google on it... i'm sure you'll find something. ;)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Oh.. should say the hardest part is putting the sleepy pup back into the crate/dog carrier lol I was like.. ahh but let me have a cuddle! But it paid off to have a clean pup as early as poss. :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
well.. tomorrow we collect our new 'addition'! :D Can't wait!

Will post pics soon i promise.
How exciting. Good luck with your new addition. :)
Hi Jane,
How exciting, good luck !

I have a Jack called "Buster", he will be 7 in December and he is such a joy ! I had always had bigger dogs before and was a bit wary of a smaller dog but he is SO the apple of my eye :D

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ahh buster sounds great!

Well Iggy has arrived.. Dookie was very grumpy, but it has lessened throughout the night. Iggy is currently asleep in his crate, and slept for a bit earlier.. having a wee on his paper once out. :) so no accidents so far.

off to bed as i'm sure i won't get much sleep.. will post pics tomorrow! ;)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
well.. i guess crate training doesn't suit all dogs.. as Iggy yelps barks and howled most of last night!!:rolleyes: well till 3am when i gave in and got up to sleep on the sofa with him and our other dog. lol
went to bed when hubby got up at 5am to feed baby and then he settled him.. on the quilt i'd taken down for me to sleep with! lol

it's now Iggy's and am hoping it helps him settle tonight!

here he is! :D in all his cuteness.

Dookie is slowly bonding, still a bit bossy but a lot more forgiving than he was 2 days ago. Iggy will win him round i'm sure. :)

OMG he is adorable ! Especially like the sleepy photo :) Hope he settles into a pattern for you, suppose everything is just all strange for him right now.

Give him a cuddle from me !:D

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks guys. Well the sleepy pic was the first real 'bonding' and Dookie trusting him enough to get close.

Today.. they made major major steps.. in that they are play fighting! it is soooo funny to watch as Dookie has gone all puppy rolling around.. he had the pups head in his mouth, and leg a few times.. but is so gentle, there is no sound from Iggy other than a few growls in play occasionally. :D

Only thing is, Dookie seems to have stepped back from being top dog.. (well I'm top dog, but you know what i mean), and this means sitting on my lap too.. he refuses at the moment, so we have cuddles at other times (him lying next to me, or playing on the floor).
It sounds like Dookie is being a little gem with Iggy, how lovely that they are playing together. I suppose Dookie's habits may change a bit as the group dynamics have changed but I am sure they will sort themselves out :)

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