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New relationships and exante

Argh! Having a dilemma. Starting seeing a guy a few weeks ago, and so far ive managed to keep out of foody situations but its getting tough. Ive not told him im doing exante, cos im doing WS til i get back from my hols its been kind of easy to disguise, but im getting dinner invitations thrown at me all ways, my parents, his...blah! Im gona have to come clean i think.....aside from you guys, my exante journey has been hush hush cos i wanted to lose a wee bit before taking on board the negativ comments lol (bit of ammunition haha). Advice anyone?? x
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It's a tough one... It might be easier to just get it out in the open if he seems like a keeper and you never know, he might well be a great source of support once you've answered the various questions he's likely to have :)

However, I have so far opted only to tell my immediate family so I totally understand. I've kept it from my close friends by telling them that I'm low carbing (saying I'm doing "healthy atkins") and then choosing WS options. When going for dinner where someone else is cooking I ask what's cooking to see if there will be a low carb option for me (there has been so far!) and if it's too much hassle I have been offering to take my own meal along.

Good luck whatever you decide and let us know how you get on :)
Go ahead and tell him you're dieting for yourself, to improve your health and your life, and that you're sorry you can't go out for food right now but you would love to do other things instead. I think it's his job to explain it to his parents. If anyone says anything negative just say your doctor gave his/her approval (they won't know!) There is no shame in dieting. I have found most of the people who are not supportive of me, are overweight themselves and not ready to do anything about it. I do have a friend who constantly tries to get me to break the diet, so I have not been doing anything with her recently. I hope your boyfriend is supportive :) Your parents might be the hardest to deal with, if they are anything like mine (again, overweight....) I wish you the best and I hope it all goes smoothly. ;)
Thanks lovies. I guess cos ive tried and failed the VLCD route before its harder to come clean about it this time cos ill get the "it didnt work before"....but infact the truth is i didnt give it a chance. My mum will be fine about it, shes done this type of diet herself and knows the benefits. Think ill leave a shake til later (hes coming down tonight) and just bite the bullet and have it in front of him and tell him about the diet. Wish me luck! Sounds so stupid, it shouldnt be this hard for a diet to be accepted by people lol x


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It's very exciting starting a new relationship, I agree that you should probably tell him, but be prepared for him not to understand. He probably won't understand why you want to lose weight in the first place, he obvioulsy likes you the way you are. But you are doing it for you and if he is the man for you he will understand and support you.
Thanks lass, yeah it is exciting, thats why im hesitant to go on about a diet. He does lik me as i am, we used to date 9 years ago and although ive put on weight he doesnt seem to notice or care. But hey im doing this for me, and like uve all said, if hes for keeps he'll understand! Decided not to make a big deal of it. Make him a drink, ill make my shake. I wont mention it unless he does, in which case ill tell him its a very low calorie diet, its not a big deal, and im happy to go without food to be more healthy, and theres not really an issue :) Argh haha x
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How did you get on ? :)
Good thanks! Well i made my shake when he was here, he asked what it was and i told him. He just nodded his head and went back to talking about what we were talking about before that. Didnt put him up nor down....yay x
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Excellent :)
Yeah! Very glad, no more secret dieting lol. Last few days WS then off plan for a week while im away...then it really kicks off when i get back on TS eek x


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That's fab BabyS - typical man response lol :p

At least it's out in the open now :)

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