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'New rule' regarding syns


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Last week, my consultant said to us that she had been told by head office that the new rule was that anyone under 11 stone should have a maximum of 10 syns a day, not 15.
I was slightly shocked by this, and I cannot find anything written about this new rule...

What do you think? Has anyone else been told about this?

I don't know what to do :cry:
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Never heard of this, as far as i was aware regardless of weight you could have up to 15 syns


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Well I think if anybody else had been told we would have heard about it on this forum and there hasn't been a peep. If you have been losing weight on 15 syns a day and are happy with your losses then I see no reason to change.

Maybe just your consultant being a tad overzealous and trying to get people to cut back on their syns


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As far as I know our group has only been told to have 5-15 syns a day, and the C has never assigned differing amounts to differing weights/targets. So far.
Unless you see it printed on official SW documentation or on the website, then I would always take everything you hear with a pinch of salt (even from consultants).

If SW are changing the rules, they certainly haven't as yet, and I am quite sure if the rules do get changed, the website will be the first place to be updated.


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If i'm not mistaken 5 syns only equates to 100cals per day, or 700 per week. This is hardly anything so I don't really think it would make much difference to your weight loss. It's a bit worrying that a consultant may be giving out advice that others are not, if that is the case.
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Me & my mum were talking about syns earlier and she said that when she did sw years ago the total daily allowance was 10. I haven't heard anything about the rules changing back to that though x


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When I did sw the very first time (around 2005) it was 10.

I tend to stick to 10 and then the other 5 are my 'safety net' should they be needed.


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The less you have to lose the slower it seems to come off so I try to stay under 10 anyway!


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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
my C also sayes that men get 15 and women 10 - having said that, the books do not. Sometimes I think the consultants just tell you what worked for them
That's old style SW - it was like that when I joined in 2000
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how random, but like britmum says if anything was definate then it would be on the sw website. thanks 4 letting us know what could be coming tho! lets get our thinking hats on to see how we would reduce our syns if we need to!! poopies! xxx
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If Im honest I find it really hard to eat my syns. I normally use them for sauces, but have never been a big chocolate eater etc. I am naughty some weeks and have a few drinks on a Saturday night but its still within my allowance x


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our c says if you try to stick around 10, the other 5 are a safety net for hidden/forgotten syns. but it is 5-15.


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I always aim for 10 a day/70 a week anyway, so doesn't really bother me! That's what my consultant suggested when I joined.

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