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New Shape Delight 0% yoghurt flavours

Yeah me too, especially with the rumours beginning to circulate about them being 4 syns :0 But these ones are slightly higher in calories and sugar than the oridinary ones so I am hopeful they will still be syn free.


A determined Bear
Yeah, if the crumble ones are only half a syn, then the regular fruit ones should be syn free. I hope so, as I ate one for breakfast! Morrisons where I live only stock the new ones now so I had no choice! I have the mango, and passion fruit ones- very tasty :)
These are SO lovely. Can someone confirm that the crumble flavour ones really are only half a syn??

I'm also in love with their chocolate pudding (normal, and white choc) - def worth the 5.5 syns, esp with strawberries or banana pieces. Yum yum!!!
hope this helps from the s/w site.

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Apple Crumble, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Blackberry, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Cherry, 100g FreeFreeFree

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Mango, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Peach & Passionfruit, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Raspberry, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Rhubarb Crumble, 120g pot ½½½

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Strawberry, 100g FreeFreeFree
Bleeeee! :jelous: I tried this after all the rave reviews and they were rubbish! Didnt taste of anything really. Just really bland :( The only clue to it being 'crumble' was it tasted like someone had chucked a few tbsp of flour in it. It wasnt even 'bits' of crumble... just a floury wallpaper paste...

0/10 :( Gimme New York cheesecake back :sigh:
I really like them too. There are chunks of apple in the apple crumble one.
Ah OK havent tried apple yet, I had the rhubarb one which was just floury glue. :D Ill try apple tonight :)
I think they're worth the half a syn. They are quite thick and gloopy, so if you prefer a thinner yog they might not be for you.

thought i'd check the syn value of these just to be sure as i thought they might be too good to be syn free!
Only ever had the strawberry and raspberry but i love them, so much nicer than muller light, but im annoyed to find there is half a syn in the raspberry! Worth it i suppose though
omg i just discovered the apple crumble ones. i may never return to muller................:D

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