New Slimming World Plan in the New Year??

Hello there, I am a newbie to this forum. I have been a sw member for a couple of years, unfortunately I just get to nearly target and things just go wrong. Lifestyle changes, family stuff changes etc, but I still remain a member despite going up and down the scales. At my group this week the consultant toldus that there was a new plan being launched in the new year to go along side the current plans of food optimising, mix2max and succes express. She wouldnt tell us anymore. Has anyone else heard about it and do you have any details?

Thanks for the couscous cake recipe. I lost this recipe and have been looking for it for a while, am going to enjoy it over the weekend.

bye for now
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Have a look back through the previous posts - this was mentioned a couple of weeks ago on here and a few details given.
I asked my consultant about it this week and she was very cloak and dagger and wouldn't tell me anything, but some consultants seem to have been a bit more open about it.


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this was discussed in a previous thread however my consultant told me all about it and even suggested i try it :)

its called extra easy (or something similar) and is basically a simplified version of the plan. there are no 'red' or 'green' days but it works just like them

basically you can eat whatever free food you want all day from red and green and superfree however you only get 1 healthy a choice and 1 healthy b

this is as much as i know about it and i know it hasnt been finalised and consultants are still ongoing with training but this is what to expect at new year