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personally i would not do it.
having been on here for over a year i have seen lots of people struggle with getting back on it after even one day break.

you will have loads of other holidays in the future - sticking to this 100% is the only way to guarentee losing the weight.

if you eat for a week you will put on at least your initial weeks weight straight away and while its not all fat, pyschologically the effect of seeing 10lb suddenly back on could be very harmful!

stick with the diet. you have done fab so far.

apart from anything else it will 'cost' you about £140 in the two weeks you spend getting rid of the weight again

daisy x


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I have to agree with Daisy, i had a really very minore slip up one day and my LLC said it cost me about 3-4lbs that week, if you do it for longer you will have to spend those day's getting back into ketosis and i would imagine after a week off it would be tough to get bak into. From experience it's a waste of time and money.

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Yes. You can.
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Don't do it. What is more important - a week of food, or getting to yur goal?

The diet is perfectly manageable on holiday - (i managed a month long hols in total abstinance in the US at several family celebrations)...and came home 19 pounds lighter. ;) I had just as much fun as evryone else did and missed out on nothing. (except a tighter seatbelt on the plane home ;) :D)

If you eat, you will undo all your hard work so far. And you will probably find it very hard to get back on track, and that will just delay your getting to goal.

Its one week, and certainly not the last holiday you will take.

Do the diet you chose to do - see it through to the end, and you will feel immense pride in yourself.

Seriously, I would never have found anything more important then getting to my goal - so never lapsed - and it made life so much easier. ANd rewarding. ;)


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I went away And stayed on the diet too. It is so hard to get back on track after eating one meal. I was warned not to eat, and I thought how easy it was to do the 1st time I can do it again. It is sooooo hard. Obviously the final decision is yours, but I would advise u to think long and hard first. Either way, I hope u have a great time xxx
oh god im dreading it now!
My husband booked it as a suprise and its a 5 star hotel abroad!

I just thought i dont mind if i put on half a stone and then go straight back to it as ive found it really easy i just didnt want to be abstinece while away???

Im really not sure what to do now? I should be at my goal by the time i go so thats why i thought i could just introduce some protein and veg?

Would it make a differance if im nearly at my target?

Thankyou so much for all the good replies xx
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You seem in two minds - food verus maybe you have already made your mind up that you do what some 'real' food! Could you bring products with you and maybe choose one or two evenings only where you will have high protein and loads veg/salad??? i guess if you can make the correct wise food choices you are half way there! As other people have said - LL is an expensive diet which has got you to where you are now - just keep asking yourself - which will taste better - a few mouthfuls of indulgent food or reaching your target weight and being very content with this??!
Speak to your LLC can he/she guide you before you go as you have a month to go yet your may feel very different by then!

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Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
- just keep asking yourself - which will taste better - a few mouthfuls of indulgent food or reaching your target weight and being very content with this??! !

Indeed - NOTHING tastes as good as being slim FEELS. :D


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Don't want to go against the flow but wante dot ad dmy opinion, about 5 weeks in to LL I went to Amsterdam for 4 days and there was no way I could do the packs we stayed in the boatel and bottle of water were ridiculously expensive to have the 4L and the water for shakes ever day. I ate, but I ate sensibly mainly salad and fish without dressing. (no snacks, no fizzy drinks, no desserts)and we walked what seemed like miles everyday and when I came back I'd lost 7 pounds that week one of my best afer the first week.

It can be done but I think the hardest thing will be getting back on track, if you have to eat, just eat sensibly, you really don't want to have the wasted the cash and hard work of a couple of weeks to go a step backward.

Thankyou for all your kind replies. I have lost over 2 stone now and feel great.
I have decided to eat. I am going to be very carefull and the hotek has a health spa and gym which we intend to use. We also do alot of walking anyway.
On my return i am going to do a week without bars and then weigh and hopefully will be ok
Will let you know xx


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Good luck , and more importantly enjoy!!! X


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Aw don't dread your hols love! :p You lucky thing!

I just wanted to say that many have said it is very difficult to get back on track after food, and I totally agree.
However, it all depends how strong you are.

I had a week at my parents' house last month in Cyprus where my mum made it near impossible to let me do my own thing. So, I ended up logging on here and giving myself a crash course in RTM for the week!
I was quite upset at my "child" response to my mum not agreeing with the diet, but, I made choices as best I could. I chose fish and prawns and green leaves every evening, and had 3 packs per day.

When I came home, I had not lost anything, but luckily, maintained.

It then made me question wether I wanted to stay abstinent or try LL Lite. I chose back to abstinence as I am not yet happy with my weight, or quite ready to re-introduce food.

It has been tough, and i would never recommend anyone nibble whilst on LL, but I was in a pretty difficult situation and chose not to upset my mum.
I am back on packs and not beating myself up as I made the best choices I could at the time.

Enjoy your hols ~ and if you know you will be eating, how about taking a LL Lite booklet from your counsellor?

Good luck. xx :)


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It's all about getting things in perspective. You don't want to go without but you do want to get to goal and maintain. personally, I never ate when I was on abstinence, even on holidays. But if you are in the right frame of mind to get back on it as soon as you return then you might be ok. The only thing is, even though you've done so well up until now, gettin back onto it 2nd time around is MUCH harder, especially when you're so close to goal. It could end up dragging on for months.
Life is for living and part of that is enjoying food as far I am concerned. I know a lot of people struggle with giving up alcohol but it has never bothered me. I only ever have a drink on ery special occsions such as weddings and christmas day. Otehrwise I know I'll ge the muchies!
Do what you feel is right and good luck getting to goal xx

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Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
My 2p....its an abstinancee diet, and you made a comittment to yourself when you started epoint is not whether or not you can get back on - its whether or not you can follow the program as it is desighned for the best possible, habit changing, life improving lessons, etc.

There will be other holidays - but this could be your last chance to lose weight. ;)