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New starter

Hi guys

Got my pack through on Saturday so have started today, am starting exercise classes too.. Off on holiday from university just now (student nurse), return in 3 weeks so hoping this time will let me get my head round the eating plan.

Bowl frosties, skimmed milk

Bunch grapes
skinny latte

2 tortilla wraps (2 units)
60g wafer thin smoked turkey
salad and salad cream
pkt skips (1.5 units)

Baked potato
Tin tuna (1 unit)
Salad, salad cream
curly wurly (1.5 units)

curly wurly (1.5 units)
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Hiya minime welcome to units diet nice to have you join us, where are you studying if you don't mind me asking? xx
Studying in Glasgow. Got 1 more year to do and that'll be me qualified, so looking forward to that, sick of being a student now, just want to get out there and do it. How long have you got left on your course. My daughter's friend is just entering her last year of medical school, she has found it pretty tough but think the last year has been the worst for her.
Hey minime!

Welcome to the Unit Diet gang :D !! Best of luck for your first week, although judging by your menu you have it sorted!! I think I might punt for a jacket spud for tea too!!

I qualified as a nurse in 2001 then worked a year and went back to uni I am in 4th year now feeling a bit better about it this week but I just want to be doing it for real now xx
yeah vicki its me, when I first registered here it wouldn't let me use livin for some strange reason.

First day gone well, got a good feelin about things this time.
I feel very positive about this plan too, I just love the fact that I can have a bowl of Frosties and it's all for free!!!! I'm sure it will back fire on me at some point though:confused:

Hey guys, had a great day menu wise yesterday. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised my road tax had run out and got a parking ticket outside my house for £60. So £115 for road tax and £60 for ticket with reminder from hubby that the parking ticket amounted to half the road tax, how did I manage that etc... Coming from the person who has no idea about paperwork or money as I do it all for him aaargh. Oh well, lesson learned.

Day 2 menu

Bowl special K, banana, skimmed milk

Packet of quavers (1.5 units)
Curly wurly (1.5 units)

Baked potato
tin tuna (1 unit), salad cream, sweetcorn

Melon and pineapple

2 tortilla wraps (2 units)
60g turkey (1 unit)
large salad
2 tbsp low fat cheddar (1 unit)

3 litres of water.
Aw bad luck forgetting the tax...I once forgot for three months and very luckily didn't get caught out that way! I bought a new car and thought is had a years tax on it as part of the deal...except it didn't!:eek:

your menu sounds great today...dontcha love the fact that you can snack on crisps and choccie and it's all OK?

Day 3 menu

Special K, skimmed milk

2 slices seeded bread (1 unit)

Baked potato
salad veg & salad cream
2 extra light laughing cow triangles (.5 unit)
2 packs of walkers baked (1 unit)

Pasta (.5 unit)
quorn bolognese
2 tablespoons cheese (1 unit)

Pretty low on units but may make it up later.
Sorry I've not posted for a few days, unit plan going well, over by 2 units yesterday but will pull that back today. Started my exercise classes last night too, so hopefully won't be long before I have some muscle tone too. Weigh in on Monday, hoping for about 4lbs since its my first week but I'll take what I get.

I know most of us have done CD where the more you drink the more you shrink, was just wondering how much water you are drinking on this plan, I'm managing about 2-3 ltrs a day, plus tea/coffee. Do you think that is enough?
the member guide says 2 litres a day, but I've been pretty useless I have to admit, I manage 1 or so a day, and I drink too much tea really instead.


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