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hello all, i've never done anything like this before, but i get the feeling that's why i've never succeeded! i have my first meeting with my CDC today, and am looking to start the diet asap. I have roughly 6 stone to lose, and my aim is to transform myself in time for my friend's wedding at the end of may. i have no idea what to expect from the first week on the diet, but get the feeling i'll need lots of support! it sounds pretty tough but i'm of the 'all or nothing' approach, so i reckon it'll suit me. i hope so anyway, as i hate the way i look at the moment! good luck to everyone else starting out too!
Hi Bexie and welcome to Minimins. This is a great site for support & advice, so post away whenever you need some help.

The first week is the toughest whilst your body's getting into ketosis, once that happens it gets much easier and you'll watch your weight just fall off. Its wonderful:)

All the best
Hello and Welcome - you will look fab in May don't you worry. This diet is great if you want to see quick results, just take a look at the pics in the gallery.

Looking forward to getting to know you and dont forget to let us know how you get on with your CDC.
Welcome to the maddest diet on the planet - but one that gives fab results.

Like you, I'm an 'all or nothing' person which is why I think I've never succeeded on conventional diets - they're too open to interpretation and I'd have just a bit of this or that promising to make up for it the next day. Of course, I never did and then would be gutted with a half pound loss or nothing at all.

With 12st to lose, I knew it would take forever at that rate. CD has given me the fast results I needed to keep me motivated. I still have about 3st to go but hope to reach my goal around April. If you want to check out my progress pics (link below) you can see how fast you'll be transformed if you stick with it 100%. :)
Hi Bexie, just wanted to say hello, Ive restarted cd again yesterday so know what you are going to these first few days but we can and will do it. Good luck!!! Sarahxx.
Hi Bexie! i am also seeing my new CDC tonight! im so nervous! but im not starting until Sunday when i have a few days off work. I also have a goal for may - my holiday to Turkey! I WILL NOT look like a beached whale this year!

Good luck and if you need a buddy, you know where i am!

Keelie xxxxx
thanks everyone!

wow, i never knew there was so much support out there! thanks everyone. i bought a weeks supply yesterday, and found out that i have a shocking 6 stone to lose! my cdc is lovely though, and i've started this morning and i feel great that im making a change at last. i probably won't be thinking that later when i get hungry and want to eat anything that's not nailed down! roll on ketosis!
Hey hunny.
i know youll be fine (afer all youve got me for company!!!!! LOL)
, keep posting to let us know how youre doing xxx
Hello and welcome aboard.

I have just finished my first week on CD and tbh it wasn't too bad but I know everyones is difference.

I lost a brilliant 11lbs and that has given me the motivation to keep going for another week.

Believe it or not once you hit ketosis then you really don't feel hungry :)

Good luck!
Well you can't beat the support here at minimins, I think it's fabulous.

It's still early days for me, but it's been much easier than I thought!

If you keep reading the forums and posting when you need some motivation or advice, you'll be fine!

Hows it going today hun?
Good luck on your journey bexie, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. I drink about 5 litres a day, its helpful to drink plenty in the first few days when you still want to eat things. I'm on day 5 today and have lost 7lbs so far, stick with it, the results will be well worth it.
day 2

morning all, its day 2 and im sipping my chocolate shake and feeling fine! think it's all the water i've been getting through. 9 pints yesterday and i'll go for the same today. stomach feels the emptiest its ever been in my life and is making funny gurgly sounds! just this wkend to get through, then i should be well away!
Morning Bexie!
Glad youre doing so well. Must be all the water keeping the side effects at bay! sounds like youre doing great and will be in ketosis in no time!

Talk later xx
Hi Bexie,

I have just started the CD, and am feeling abit bewildered by it all at the moment. I have tried various diets in the past and have not succeeded with them, but reading all the comments and support on these pages is a fantastic motivator.

I am apprehensive about all the side effects, and hoping that I don't suffer too much :eek:

Good Luck to you
Well done hun for getting through day 1 !! it's hard but the blanket of ketosis will soon be covering you and the weight will drop off!! Its magical.
I look forward to reading about your journey.
lenny, same here, i was very nervous about it all, and whether i could stick to it. but so far so good is all i can say. im having my weak moments but am distracting myself and it seems to be working! all i can say is water water water. i had a slight headache yesterday but a painkiller sorted that out. today i feel great. havent got any ketostix to test but might buy some today. keep posting on here and reading about other people's experiences, i find it a great motivator! especially during these first few days. good luck!
Hi Bexie & Lennie

you are both doing brilliantly. :) Just keep gluging the water and distracting yourself. That first week will be gone before you know it and will be so worth it when you get on those scales at your weigh in.

I was worried about side effects that first week but hardly had anything apart from cravings for food.. which is only natural.

Keep up the good work.
food cravings

help everybody, im starving and would give anything for a chinese tonight! also, i was wondering. cambridge isn't for everyone im sure. how do you tell the difference between finding the first few days hard, and absolutely knowing it's not for you? i must admit, im having a few wobbles, and its only day 2!