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hiya welcome to LT and minimins theres great support and loads of info on here if you need anything just give us a shout

All the best with your LT journey


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Hey steffie Welcome!

This is a great site. Use it! Whenever you are weakening just log on here chat. Support is always flying around. If bored play the games in the Arcade (link is in blue at the top of list of threads page). Just keep busy. I always find this site particularly handy when the family is eating what I have cooked! I can just switch off and log on here and ignore the smells!....

Good luck!


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:welcome: and good luck! Just remember the first week is the worst, once you've got throught that it gets a lot easier.


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Hey steffieweffie,

I too am starting tomorrow!
Plan today is to empty the fridge and put the bits that DH needs on the top shelf!

Thinking of starting the Lipotrim diet. Have been reading all the success stories, and all sound amazing! WELL DONE GIRLS. For me I am an all or nothing girl and hate the thoughts of slowly losing weight....I give up when I cant see results!! :( I am not very over weight, but my confidence is at an all time low and want to get back into my size 10-12 jeans (at the mo. Im 14-16)! I am 5ft 8 and 12st 7lbs. My ideal weight is between 9.5 and 10st. Do you think the lipotrim diet will help shift this weight and as I am a student :) could any1 fill me in on the price per week!? And when you go to the pharmacy, do you have to be over a certain BMI to begin LT? Thanks very much and again well done, I am in awe of all your willpower! xx


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Welcome and goodluck I started last monday and it is hard at first but so worth it :)


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Hi good luck to all new starters
I am on day 6 and went in to ketosis on day 5 which is what happened when I did the diet last year. The first week is the hardest but believe you me WELL worth the effort/will power needed.

Peaches I think the price at the pharmacy is 36 pounds and I was told you have to be 3 stone over your ideal weight but I know other friends were not told that, so I suggest you just go and see what they say, Good Luck with it.

Hope everybody has a good week.

Jo x
Good luck Steffie - I'm on day 4 myself and so inspired by the people on this site and their fabulous achievements. I hope we're all in that club very soon!


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Good luck hun x
Good luck to you. I only started on Friday and have to agree this site is a life saviour! Was feeling very down last night but posted about it and got talking how i felt. Made me feel a lot better.

Just seeing someone said it's £36 a week, i pay £45 a week in my chemist. Anyone else pay this?
£36 for me I'm afraid Anne-Marie. I assumed it was a standard price.
:jelous:hi...its my second weigh in tomorrow..im hoping for reasonable loss....week one i lost 10 pounds and i would be lying if i said it was easy.....weekends are worse for me, i seem to constantly think about food all day,particulary as i cook for OH and 3 kids.......good luck and ur first 3 days are the worse.good luck and...WATER RULES !!!!!!!!!


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Welcome Steff and Katc and good luck! You'll find this forum a life-line at times - I know I do!

Peaches. Standard price is £36 in England - more in Northern Ireland and EVEN more in Eire! I haven't heard about a 3st rule. My belief is that your BMI would need to be over 25 but the only way you'll know for sure is by asking the pharmacy you're going to deal with. They'll probably tell you this over the phone if that's easier. Good luck whatever you decide. xx


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Anne-mariebell, it's £44 in my chemist (Camlough, co down) and £56 for men. We're being ripped off! Well, I'm not yet as I haven't started yet, but I will as soon as I get a wedding out of the way in a few weeks!
hi to all the new starters,i'm on day 6. my first weigh in is on wed. i paid 65 euros for my lipotrim at the chemist.i'm so glad i found this site and the success stories are great to see.i just served my family dinner and logged on here while they eat..good luck to everyone for the week.....

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