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hi there I'm posting so early because I'm on nights. I bought the atkins book after good reports off a friend I did not want to go back on Cambridge because it's too hard. I am getting married in august and hope that commencing atkins way of life will assist me and my oh on the journey. Look forward to support off of here x any tips would be greatly appreciated x
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Hi - I've done Cambridge too then switched to slim fast and now giving this a go. I lost just over a stone on CD and am not doing so well on slim-fast.

There's a lot to learn after being on CD, isn't there? CD is easy, just eat a bar/shake and that's it, whereas here, it's a whole new ball game!

Good luck xx
morning just had a blast on treadmill and had an atkins breakfast. Cambridge is east but very hard to return towns I find doing Cambridge makes me pig out because I can only stick to it a good 3 days then I get moody. A couple of people I know have done atkins and good results the book is a good read I feel you may get the same effects on atkins as you do on Cambridge but with food well I hope so x x keep me updated. The trackeris a combined weight to loose for me and oh x x
oooo lovely what sort of stuff did you have and what results did you get? X


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My general menu was:
Breakfast - 1 or 2 eggs (omelette / poached / boiled) with some ham or bacon, maybe mozarella cheese
Lunch - salad and meat or fish (e.g. salmon, tuna, salami etc)
Dinner - meat or fish with veg (e.g. pork belly YUM, roast chicken, salmon, mackerel, steak, with asparagus, broccoli, courgette, in butter!)
Snacks - boiled eggs, babybel, salami

I basically followed the rules to the letter, didn't eat any of the 'extras' like olives or avocado as I wanted to be strict. Tried to drink the required water, and took supplements (multivitamin and a multimineral). I didn't bother to count the cals but likely to be way more than the 1000 per day I usually use when dieting.

I lost 5lb in my first week, and my partner lost 8! Inch off each of bust, waist and hips which was fantastic!

Not sure if week 2 will go as well as much of the first week will be retained water - I am targeting 3lb but we'll see...:D
hi I'm confused about vitimin could you name the 2 brands that u got? It kept saying something like take 3 times a day did you just take yours once a day?


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I went to Holland & Barrett. I just bought their own brand; a once-a-day multivitamin, and a multi-mineral. Yes the mineral one is 3 times per day which is a bit annoying but I'm just following the instructions to make sure I get enough potassium etc (I'm used to eating bananas but not allowed them on Atkins!).
hi I wondered can we eat sausages in induction week and do we count the carbs what I mean is it says in the book how many oz of cheese and salad and veg we can have and salad dressing has thy worked out our carb content or do we still need to write it down also and add up?
Hi everyone :wavey:

There are threads about sausages. :D

Lady Marmalade

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We need a sausage forum! :D

Hello and welcome, sg. You need to add up all your carb intake, from your veggies, cheese, cream and processed meat. It should not come to more than 20g a day. You will probably need to weigh everything for the first week or two, until you get used to what 20g of carbs actually looks like. Don't worry, it will soon become like second nature.
Morning lady marmalade and jim, just come off nights so head is shed must dash home and get to bed been at parents and and had a treadmill session... SO lets me get this crystal clear... i was under the impression that because the book said you can have say 80z salald and 50z veg 40z cheese 1tbl of mayo that this was your crabs workied out ? if i am wri#ong please say i will begin to write what carbs i have i assume we only count carbs in the veg and salad and processed meats and cheese and mayo and creams ? its confused me now i assumed induction was worked out for you :D any advice would be great :D x also are we only allowed a maximum of 8-12 oz salad etc even if it doesnt add up to 20g of carbs this is why i am confused... set me straight :D x

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