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NEW team for people who have started in the last month

Ooooo you have a team now! Well done and good luck to you all X

You can advertise for your last 2 members in the thread "team advertising".
Billy no mates no more

Hi girls

to think on thursday I was feeling soooo fed up now I am in a team.. well I think so !!!! Im home alone tonight waiting for my mix a mousse to set .. anyone tried butterscotch?? its so lovely if you havn't you must x :)
Home alone

Hi Jennie

Im at home with casualty on in the background.. I should be blowing up balloons and decorating the lounge with bday stuff, my family are coming over for lunch tomo for my mums bday.. I bet they wont want the lunch I am having.. porridge or a shake.. this will be the first meal I have cooked since starting cd :eek:
ooo porridge or a shake... tough descisions ay! Ive only got shakes left now untill I see councellor on Monday, gona have to choose some new flavours as chocolates boreing me now! I dont think I have lost any weight this week which is very very very annoying! but we shall see then! What week are you on and how are you doing?
Hope you've got the balloons out now, and are puffing away blowing them up!
other than my baby's food, i havent had to cook or deal with food yet. i refuse to!!

hubby is home tonight, which is unusual as he works shifts. he is watching rubbish on telly after making himself dinner which smelt fab. so kinda wish he wasnt here:rolleyes:
jennie have you only been having chocolate shakes?!:eek: can imagine that being a bit boring!

im on day 5, wish i could fast forward a few months.......
yeh, I have to deal with the smells of food wafting from downstairs too.. How old is your baby Amyeve? She looks gorgeous!!!
Ive been having, chocolate, chocolate mint, choc bars and the choc tetras, (chocolate overload!!!) on day 3 one of the soups made me really sick!! So I've crossed soup off my menu for good! yuck yuck! What flavours do you like?
I guess I am lucky I don't have anyone around cooking as I live alone.. saying that though sometimes my hamsters deluxe museli looks fantastic.. ive managed to put up a bday banner.. keep getting back on my comp, I only got my internet connection last week, but I am so glad I did so I am able to chat with you guys .. try all the flavours and also try mix a mousse, they turn the shakes into a pudding.. they get me through any cravings. I start week five monday.. my losses are low each week as i take meds that affect weight loss, but I am only a pound and a half away from my first stone :)
Im on week 4 (monday will be start of week 5) have lost about a stone now! But have been on damn period since starting the diet (goin to docs on monday to hopefully get some tablets someone told me about on another thread!) how old are you both Amy and Sarah, and what do you do?
Im 22, and currently doing a PGCE in primary education, just applying for some jobs online now!eek xxx
woohoo Sarah! i cant wait for my first stone!

so far i've liked all the flavours, although i found the butterscotch nice but TOO sweet! i havent tried banana or strawberry. i told her not to bring me fruits or the forest as i thought that sounded rank and she thought i meant no fruit flavours:rolleyes:
i have ordered 1 of each soups to trial next week as i miss something savoury, 1 of each porridge. not sure i fancy the mousse?

baby Eve is now 10months old, she was only 1 weeks old there in the pic and such an angel. she is a cheeky little madam now though:)

im 27 and im a 999 operator, actually i left to have the baby, but im reapplying now as im sick of having no money. ive got an interview tuesday:( hate interviews

that sucks with the period, i'd go insane if that happened to me fingers crossed it wont:(

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