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New to Alli :)

Well I thought I better take the plunge and start Alli,I've had the pills for over a month but have been too scared to start as I've heard so many horror stories lol.

Currently i'm 14st and wanna lose around 2-3st for my wedding which is next year in May.

Any comments are welcome on my diary, the more help and the encouragement the better.
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Day 1

Readybrek with honey - made with water.
Skinny Latte
Alpen light choc and orange bar
Veggie sushi
Yoghurt L/F
Veggie burger, with mash potato (made with phili cheese) and vegetables and abit of gravy.

Exercise: Walking
Drinks: Water. S/F ZUP. Diet coke.
Hi Cheekysoph! :) Good luck with your goals.

Watch out for the cheese!!
What if its Philidelphia light cheese. About a tablespoon, shared between two people?

Eeeek I'm scared now lol x
Don't be scared, I'm sure you'll be fine :) I have Philadelphia Light all the time without any problems.
According to the tub, it's 11.5g per 100g, which in theory is too high (you should be sticking to less than 5% per 100g) but I think you'll be fine.
Say if you had a 30g serving (which is probably a high estimate), that contains 3.5g of fat, and only a third of that (1.2g) will be coming out the other end, if you catch my meaning! That's not a lot at all, relative to all your body's other waste matter.
Nice subject eh? ;)
Just realised that you're taking Alli rather than full strength Xenical. In which case, your fat limits are a bit higher than 5% (I think?) and the amount the tabets 'get rid of' must be less than a third.
I'm no expert on Alli though, so someone will put me right :)
I'm Mixing Alli with the RC plan, as its easier to stick to under the fat guideline.

I'm doing a kick start week this week which i will follow for 2wks. Its 1200cal with under 12g fat for your main meals and 3g snack.

Hopefully I shall see some result as I've failed at WW, Slimming world, celebrity slim etc.. :break_diet:

hi how are you doing on the rc this is my second week on it and ive lost 3lbs i get weighed tomorrow but ive been feeling really hungry how have you got on with it debbie x
Alright its only my first day tho :) I'm hoping these Alli tablets will give me a boost as I always stay around the same weight :(

No side effects with Alli yet lol...It really scares you off the naughty stuff!

Do you take Alli? Xenical? xx
Ah if it's only a little bit of cheese you'll be fine ;)
Day 2

Readybrek with honey made with water.
Alpen light bar and a skinny mocha.
L.f sandwich
Snack a jacks
Chicken and bacon ravoli, 1 chocolate digestive. 1 options hot chocolate and x2 ww ginger and lemon biscuits.

Exercise: Walking
Drinks: Coffee with a splash of milk. Water.

No side effects. Apart from a very loud rumbly tummy?! x
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I had the munchies well bad last night lol!

Day 3

Weatabix minis with semi-skimmed milk.

Fish and vegetable sushi
Rice crispie chocolate bar.
L/F yogurt.

Exercise: Walking
Drinks: Skinny latte. Water. Diet coke cherry.

Going out for dinner tonight eeek...not sure what to have?? Its a pub meal? any ideas?? xxx
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Hi cheekysoph

Well done so far !

When I go out to pubs or restaurants I personally tend to stick to safe & trusted grilled chicken with salad.
I always ask for the salad dressing to be served seperately, so I can control how much is on the salad.
And watch for any sauces the chicken may be served with, again, ask for them to be served seperately....the oil-based sauces can play merry havoc, but a tiny amount added and controlled by you can make the chicken less bland.

If my OH is having something super scrummy but strictly off limits...ie chips, dessert etc, then I allow myself *1* mouthful, or 3/4 chips as a treat :D So far so good, and I've got away with it.

but you don't have to do what I do;)

I think be guided by your sensible head. Avoid fried foods, and anything battered etc. Burgers, sausages etc are out. Some gravys/sauces can be heavy on the fat.
Don't be afraid to ask for extra salad (undressed) or veggies...and fill up on those instead, if you think the meat part of the dish is potentially suspect (as in higher fat content than you should be having) just eat some of it.

I'm only on week 4 of my Xenical journey...and still very much going by trial & error with new foods and/or meal situations...but I have a file bulging with good recipes I've found and printed off, both on here and elsewhere, or that I've taken out of cook books and modified (all with handwritten notes if I've done things differently etc)...and also a list of stuff from social events, takeaways etc that I've tried and been ok with. But we're all different..so what is ok for me, might not be ok for someone else.
Urm the best thing for me to do is, is not to take my evening tablet just in case eeeek. And stick to healthy dinner. I'll let you kno how I get on xxx
Urm the best thing for me to do is, is not to take my evening tablet just in case eeeek. And stick to healthy dinner. I'll let you kno how I get on xxx
Hey cheekysoph....how did you get on with the challenge of going out to dinner?

Hope you had a good night out :)

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