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I've just moved over here from the D&H boards and recognise so many names from reading your blogs, hi :D

I am just starting week 4 of LL and have lost 21.25 but am having some doubts about LL. Firstly it is costly and while I have budgeted it all in I think that it is over priced. I find the counselling patronising (think of the puppets!) and can't really relate to it.

I am considering moving to CD but my fiance is very worried that the weight loss will stop and isn't sure that the move would be seamless - could someone provide me with some nutritional info about the packs that I could use to compare to the shakes/soups on LL?

I know Icemoose made the change, have others? How did you get on?


hiya, I was goign to do LL a while ago and am starting CD tomorrow....I cant help you on the nutritional info (I would assume they are practically the same) but when I was going to start LL I needed to sign a 14 week contract....I'm not sure if you have done this, but if you have you;ve agreed to pay them for 14 weeks whether you attend sessions or not, which means wether you get foodpacks or not.... Anyone else, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but thats the impression I was given and what I read from the info I had
Hmmm... i THINK that LL and CD are the same ... i mean by the same makers.. but i may be wrong.

I do know CD works.. if you stick to plan you'll lose around a stone a month.

BUT i'm no expert.. i have no idea of the in's and out's of LL other than when i enquired about the price.. it stopped me in my tracks, I'll be honest i couldn't afford it.

I like CD as i buy the shakes/soups/bars i need.. so if i'm crap one week, i only buy as many as i need to get through the following week. I buy weekly and know that if i can't afford it one week (which sadly has happened once) that i can wait till the following week.

I get support, but my CDC is not in my face, or horrible if I have a wobble. She's really there for me if i need her though.

Good luck, but if you are tied in, then go with that till you're not. ;)
Don't hang about, if you find the therapy and group isn't for you then why pay out an extra 30 odd quid for something you are getting no benefit from. Oh and that's coming from a LL gal who is still lovin LL but recognises that it isn't for everyone ;)

Countless people have done the switch with no problems, both are very low calorie diets made by CD.

If you are under 5ft 8inches then you only get 3 packs a day and that might be a bit difficult but the choice available on CD is huge compared with LL especially with the mix a mouse and a couple of the bars have a different texture (cranberry and the peanut ones).

Let us know how you get on with whatever you decide. Fingers crossed for your future progress :D
I don't know for sure but I would have thought (because of government guidelines for VLCD's) that the nutritional value would be practically the same for LL and for CD. As chicken says depending on your height you can only have 3 a day on CD but I understand CD has alot more variety than LL.

Let us know what you decide and well done on your fantastic losses so far.
Hiya Miss Piggy,

I've never heard of anyone being 'leagally binded' by the 100 day contract with Lighterlife.

There's loads of peeps who have swapped over successfuly, still losing the same amounts of weight, sure you'll be one of them if you do change over...

good luck to you whatever you decide to do :p
Hi Miss Piggy,

I did 10 weeks on LL and then decided to switch to CD. I didn't feel that I was still getting anything from the counselling sessions and so couldn't justify the extra £33 per week for LL.

I contacted a CD counsellor before I finished LL to be sure that there was someone that I was happy with. I knew when she could see me and so made sure that I had enough LL packs to last until I could collect my CD packs. I didn't want to have a few days of eating in between as I was worried that it might be hard to get back on track.

I didn't sign up to paying for 100 days or anything with LL (I started in April) and my LL was okay about me leaving.

I have got a great CDC who spends time talking to me and offering advice etc. The weight loss has been the same for me on CD as on LL. You do only get 3 packs instead of 4, but the packs are a bit bigger, so I think that the calories, vitamins etc are about the same over the day. Also, CD doesn't tell you to drink so much water as LL, but I have continued with 4 litres of water per day plus a few black coffees.

I was a little worried that if I swopped I might lose momentum, or feel that I had failed because I hadn't finished what I started with LL, but it didn't really feel like I was switching because the diets are so similar, it was more like I was switching counsellor but still continuing with VLCD.
If you feel that you are not getting value for money with LL, the go for it and switch! If you do still feel that there is value in the counselling and group meetings, then consider staying with LL. All I can say is that I have not regretted switching to CD, it was the right thing for me.

Good Luck what ever you choose.