new to Cambridge diet..any tips, help


HI, i started this CD on Monday. on SS so far so good. BUT i weigh 13st 10lb and i am 5ft 5inches .I have been reading everyones great weight loss..your all amazing !! do you think i could lose the same amount, I will be chuffed with my 1st week of a 3lb loss..fingers crossed.... BUT i must say i do get hungry when i get home from work at 5pm.. do you think if i get that hungry i would be ok to have another shake? i have been drinking my water (4 litres) but i just get very hungry from 5pm to 8pm ish if you have any tips or advise then i would really appreciaite it,,, i have never done a diet like this so its all new to me ..i normally do weight watchers and lose more or less nothing...thanks everyone for even reading this..i think this website is great xxxxx
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Hiya Sharon

Just hang in there this week!!! Don't have anymore packs than you should or food and the hunger will go by the weekend.



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Hi Sharong,

You would be better to half your packs and have 6 small meals spread throughout the day.

Well done on getting to day 2 - you shouldn't feel hungry after day 3 anyway as you'll be in ketosis and burning that nasty fat! and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with your weigh in next Monday!

Stay strong - keep posting and reading ... it will get easier.


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Hi Sharong,

Welcome and good luck on your diet journey:p

My advice to you would be to try and stay distracted in the evenings - read a book, take a bath, walk the dog, have an early night etc. After the first couple (or 3) days this hunger will start going away. Be careful watching the TV though - all the food adverts seem to make it worse:confused:

Let us know how you are getting on - this site is fabulous for motivation and support.


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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Another good idea is to start a diary thread with your hopes, aspirations, meaurements, thoughts etc as you go through this diet journey.

It will keep you focussed, us lot entertained!!! and you'll get loads of help, motivation etc when you need it and encouragement and congratulations when you are doing well.


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Hi sharong and well done on getting to your second day. Try and stick with it and you will soon lose the hunger pains. In the meantime try and do as Lenny says, do something between 5 & 8 if this is your bad time. If you paint your nails do that,My nail varnish gets changed most days! or treat yourself to a good book, or the old favourite go for a long soak in the bath(I'm always buying new smellies for the bath,at the moment hooked on a coconut one,I think it may have somethin to do with my love of Bounties!) Most people have a good loss in their first week so stick with it,ignore the hunger pains, I know easier said then done, and then reap the benefits on your first weighin day,good luck.


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As the others have said keep with it, a few days down the line and the hungry stage will be gone. Im now just about to start my 7th week and I just dont feel hungry anymore.

Keep up the water intake and try and keep yourself as busy as you can for the 1st 2 weeks and you will soon be sailing.


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Whatever you do dont pick as I have, it throws you off for weeks and is a blooming nightmare to get back on the straight and narrow.....this is my best advice.

Also the first week to 14 days are the hardest so be strong and you will be at target in no time.


thanks for the advise, but i am really hungry!!! i will have a cup of tea and see if that stomache is constantly gurgling!!!


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I was the same sharong, but I split my packs into 6 and I find that helps more...


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if you have tea dontforget your not allowed sugar ar milk, sorry if that ruins your plans