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New to CD looking for friends

Hi Everyone,

Well I have just received my shakes & am about to start tomorrow having never done CD before & have a long way to go, but feeling positive & confident!

Would love to make some friends on here that can keep me company as we do this journey together & also help with advice!

I've loved reading this forum & it gave me the push i was looking for to go and join! so Thanks guys!
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Hello, i'm off tonight for my first meeting and to pick up my shakes !! So we are in the same boat :)

Good luck hon !! I'm just as nervous as you !!
hello ladies! Welcome along...Im on day 3 of ss+ restarted for ummm the 4th time! It does work, Im just a tad weak :)

good luck for the first WI
Well got my pack and had my weigh in I'm soooooo heavy :(((( but onwards and upwards I WILL DO THIS!!!! Xx


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emsiem said:
Well got my pack and had my weigh in I'm soooooo heavy :(((( but onwards and upwards I WILL DO THIS!!!! Xx
I felt the same at my first WI, we all did which is why we stuck at it an are on our way to getting the results we want! You can do it xxx
Hi. Welcome. The first time is one of the best times doing cd! I've also done this so many times before. I'm just a fat, greedy, pig! I love food! I've never returned to my biggest weight (almost 22st), and my lowest 11st 3lb was great. I've put on this year cause I went on hol twice and lost the plot both times finding it hard to get back on track each time. Came back from an all Inclusive few weeks ago and tried to do it myself for 2 weeks. Ended up calling my CDC as I really can't do it alone! I need someone other than me to be accountable to as I cheat!

When I came back from hols I was 13st 7lb I could feel every single pound of that! This is definitely my cut off point. It's very strange as when I was larger I tended not to feel the bloat or feel the weight I was carrying. These days I do cause I've been thinner.

Good luck. It does get easier when you are a week into it!
You just have to get past day 3, its the hardest. Im on week 4 now and Ive no idea where the time went!
Try and make little goals along the way and tick them off! Seems to be working for me ;). Good luck! I'm day 6 and feel 200% better than day 1!

I am on day 2 and this is my first time on CD, feel okay but reading lot's about the dreaded day 3!!!!, not looking forward to it. Any top tip's???? and is it alot better after the first week???




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Lou, it's easier from day 4, honestly!!! I'm on day 5 today and was struggling to finish my soup! X
I can't wait to get there girls, I am on day 2 and finding it hard, i have a 3 year old & having to prepare meals is a nightmare!! can't wait to get to the first weigh in to motivate me more x
Hi All,

I am now on Day 3 and I know you shouldn't weigh yourself until the end of the first week but I am pretty much a daily weigher! (bad i know!) Anyway, I haven't lost a lb in 3 days, when reading the forums people have mentioned they have lost between 1-2lbs a day, I know everyone is different but, just wanted to hear off someone that does weigh daily and see how they are getting on.

I haven't cheated and am drinking lots so now am feeling really disheartened :-(

Please don't feel disheartened it's only been 2 days and i'm sure you (and I) will have a nice surprise when we get weighed :) Is it Monday ?? I don't have any scales at home so i'm lucky i can't weigh even if i wanted too !!!

I've stuck to the plan too, i'm amazed that i have to be honest but it's a good feeling isn't it.

keep going hon xx
Day Three

Day Three,

I'm there guy's!!!!, 1 shake down and 2 to go. Feel okay no major problem's and am wondering if I am nearly in Katosis???

Feel alittle sad and empty but I think that's part of the process.:cry:

Not giving in and know this weekend really will be the biggest test, no wine, no nice food :cry:

I also have a family and preparing food and watching other's eat is just torture :sigh:

Yet I and YOU are going to look fantastic this xmas and be able to shake our small booty's!!!!!!!

Lou x

I haven't weighed myself since my first CDC appointment on Monday and don't intend to until I see the CDC next Monday.

For me it's easier because if I do weigh myself and am then disappointed I might full off the wagon!!!!