New to Diet Chef - and question for tea lovers among you!


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Hello everyone

I started Diet Chef yesterday, and so far, so good.

The one thing that's going to be awful for me though is the inability to have milky tea, as that's my favourite drink in the whole wide world, and I'm just not keen on it black :8855:

Any other tea lovers out there? If so, what alternatives have you come up with?

I need something to save my sanity!

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Welcome :D

How many cups do you drink a day? I drink a lot of tea and decaf with milk and use pretty much whatever I fancy but in skimmed milk not semi. At the moment, I get through about a pint of milk a day and just take account of that when keeping a check on the calories.

I only like tea with lemon and consider it better to avoid the citric acid then bother over skimmed milk :)


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As said, shouldn't do you any harm to include some milk in your daily allowance for your tea - we're not all following the little DC book by the letter and it still works for us with adaptations, just see what works for you.

Do you only like everyday tea or do you like herbal ones too? I got a load from a site called teaworld which I intend to visit again once my stash runs out, birt and tang and yogi tea are great brands (but from the US so not easily found other than online)


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If you tot up the calories there's probably more than enough leeway to allow you a pint of skimmed. As said we're not all 100% cheffing but still losing.


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I drink gallons of tea! (well a good 6 to 8 cups a day!) and at work I am still having full fat milk and losing weight! So I don't plan to stop yet!!