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NEW to Dukan diet...


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Today there's an article in a prominent French magazine on the Dukan diet.

He's basically responding to criticism re the over use of meat in his diet, and introducing (thanks to the Anglo Saxon and Indian markets) some new ingredients.

Firm and silken tofu (free use)

Seitan (which means protein in Japanese; it's a rich in protein (25%)firm textured paste, to be used in dishes cooked in stock. Low calorie, and low carb, virtually fat free) (free).

Tempeh (grains of fermented soya, can be found in organic shops. Sold in a block and the soya grains remain whole.). Use as a tolerated, 50g maxi per day in Cruise).

Soya steaks (if less than 6% fat, tolerated - one per day in Cruise). He acknowleges that these also contain veg, oil, fibres, salt, sugar, but with 140 for 100g, 16% protein and 6% sugar, it's classed alongside a not altogether lean steak.

Soya milk and yoghurts (contain almost the same quantity of protein as cow products, for fewer calories, but it's poor in calcium and vitamin D. (tolerated, 2 glasses milk per day and 2 natural yoghurts) - obviously count in the dairy count in Cruise phase.

Textured soya protein (tolerated, 40g per day). If vegetarian, 100g.

Remember two tolerated items ONLY from Cruise phase per day and only if satisfied with your weight loss, and not stalling.
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Oooh - lovely new things to try.

Just one word of warning for anyone who is wheat or gluten intolerant - Seitan is 100% wheat gluten!

(My mum has coeliacs, and she had a near squeak with Seitan because neither she nor the waitress knew what it was!)
I can vouch for the soya protein, but don't know (not am likely to become acquainted with) the others.

The soya protein is great for replacing mince, basically, although it needs herbs/chilli/something to brighten it up as it's very bland on its own. I think the amount on the pack recommends 25 gr, so 40 gr is a really generous portion.


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Alpro were handing out soya yogurts at my station last month - I took one before I knew what it was.

It sat in the fridge for 3 days, tempting me - a delicious wild blueberry.

In the end I broke, trickled a tsp of it over a non-fat greek yogurt and threw the rest away.


** Chief WITCH **
and...? how did it taste?


** Chief WITCH **
I'd have dug it out of the rubbish bag and licked it clean! (That's why I have a waste disposal chute... down it goes and down I can't go headfirst after it!)
Talk of throwing stuff away - I just dropped a huge pot of greek yogurt on the kitchen floor at work!

Half of it landed on my wrist as I tried to catch it (licked that clean!) - the rest went on floor, walls, ceiling, fridge.... Even after washing everything down it looks as if someone went crazy with the white wash!


** Chief WITCH **
tsk... wasting food... what a shame!!

(Good on you for not exiting the kitchen hurriedly and pretending it wasn't you!)
Oh - they'd know. Only one member of the team actually cooks from scratch in there


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Is that you in your profile pic?
I wish!

It's Peggy Olson (aka actress Elizabeth Moss) in Mad Men.

She's something of an alter-ego: like her I was a secretary who was "spotted" and promoted to copy-writer (and just like her I ended up putting on lots of weight straight after!)


** Chief WITCH **
Oh how wonderful Atropos. That is a lovely story. (I'm still waiting to be "spotted", but it's highly unlikely methinks! I had hoped our Guru might take me on, as at least my responses are fairly comprehensible, leastwise compared to those given on the "chat", but alas... the only adverts I've seen from here don't pay enough!)

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