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new to dukan

Welcome .....hope your book arrives soon for you this is an easy diet but you do need to eat !!!!!
however this does show a nice steady weight loss
i know,im reading online as much as i can so i can get some ideas of foods,
so far on my shopping list iv

tuna in water (tinned)
semi milk
mince(to make meat balls n burgers)
and fat free yogurts

any more please?
there loads of info on her also check out the daily menus for meal ideas .The recipe thread is great if you run out of ideas of what to do with meat
prawns are good
tinned salmon
dont forget you must have the oatbran everyday (health food shop best but ithink most supermarkets do it unless you live near the one i do lol)
dont forget you are allowed sugar free jelly
Hi Sue :)
I find my biggest thing to have is LOTS of seasonings, They help alot.
And skim milk powder, I love this stuff :) and its great to make fluffy pancakes, I made chocolate ones last night that actually tasted like chocolate!!!! Yeah me :)

Good luck :) :)
Hi and welcome! I wanted to get to a healthy weight for my 40th too (and managed) so best of luck, there's lot of support on here, everyone is great.

Don't think gammon or bacon are allowed? Pork certainly isn't until conso (although I found low-fat and had some very occasionally - tut). Also make sure your mince is low-fat (5%).

Eggs - the most versatile thing for me - 2 yolks per day but unlimited whites.

Not more than 1 kilo of dairy per day (and 250 ml of skimmed - not semi-skimmed - milk max to be included in the 1 kilo).

Crab sticks - good to nibble on - no more than 8 per day.

Rhubarb - may save you from awkward transit issues and nice to have some fruit too - I wouldn't be without it.

Yogurt and fromage frais are good for making all kinds of sauces, so you can experiment to stop things becoming boring.

Have a read through the recipe thread too, lots of good ideas on there.

Good luck!
right im on attack for 4 days,
im wanting to start this tom morning,

my book still hasnt arrived:cry:

no bacon or gammon :cry:

so far then on my shopping list (going to tescos in a bit)

lean mince
bernard matthews turkey ham
oat bran
sugar free chewing gum
sugar free jellys and muller light yogurts natural n toffee
pickled onions
skimmed milk

i cant stand fish or seafood
only cod n chips lol
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Put oatbran on that list(its in barrets buy one get one half off offer) and add some low fat yogurt or fromage frais to use for sauces.

Dairy is unlimeted during attack.

Have you been on the dukan site to calculate your true weight and find how many days attack?
still no book yet:wave_cry:

turkey bacon is yummy:jelous:

had a good first day
can you have a look and check please?
breakfast-turkey bacon, scrambled eggs
lunch-a tin of tuna in brine ( i know shouldn't be brine,but squeezed it dry)
tea-steak and onions
snacks-2 muller lights vanilla n toffee,1 vanilla activia

oh and 1 1/2 litres of water

3 more days of attack:)

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