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new to Exante

well i ordered my mixed bumper pack today and plan on starting on friday.
I have so much weigh to lose so i can ttc 2nd baby.
i plan on doing the 3 shakes and 400cals as i want to get back into running and dont want to put my body into the starvation of the 3 shakes only, does anyone have any ideas what kind of losses i can expect with the additional meal. i have about 149lbs to lose. i have given myself a year to do it! but if i can do it faster then even better. just wanted to say hi and well done to everyone on their loses.
oh yeah i have tried lt but just couldnt get into it which is another reason i am having the extra 400 cals
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heya welcome hun wish u all the best on your journey...i am starting the diet on friday as well :)..
thnx we could keep each other motivated :D...
seen as we both starting on the same day...up2u :)


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People on working solution tend to say they lose about 10lb a month I think. Total solution is about 14lb. So, it would take a bit longer, but you may stick to it better :)

Welcome to the board and good luck with your weight loss :)
Welcome Saffrons. I've been doing Working Solution for just over a week and have lost just over half a stone. I'm hoping to lose about 40lbs in total. I think everyone who is sticking to just 3 exante meals a day are amazing but I need to have a 'proper food' meal or there is no way I would stick to it!! It's showed me to choose healthier meals though.
well my pack has arrived and i must say im very excited about trying them, hi to everyone who has replied and i will keep you udated on how i find them! x
well just had my first bar for breakfast,chocolate orange. I had kept it in the fridge so it was nice and firm, very chewy. I cant say that it was tasty but it was edible and filling which im suprised about. I am gonna try a shake for lunch and then soup for my dinner, depending on how i feel i may not add the food and see if i can do it total for 4 weeks and then add a meal once i have been back at the gym for a while. Thats if i can i think as there is no pressure to not eat and if i add a meal i will still lose weight is making the thought of total easier. well so far soo good just hope i can get through the day, water at the ready x

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Welcome saffrons and good luck!
First day and already meal down.. you are almost half way through the first day!
(oddly the bars become tastier.. I thought the same as you, my first try of them I found the texture odd and not that enjoyable.. now, I do look wistfully at the empty wrapper after its disappeared .. those raisins or chocolate chips become so tasty yummy mmmmm)

Big day today and thinking of you.. and sweet girl.. first step on the journey with us all xx

This forum is amazing and I found it a little harder than some of the other lovely new starters like Isis and markanderl, but they keep me going and the tips from the old timers ;) hehe, like having the chocolate shake hot in the mornings has really helped me.

keep smiling you are doing so well already taking the first step.

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well i hase just steam cleaned my kitchen and asm now onto my bathroom so if nothing else my house is going to be spotless. just trying to keep busy. will be having my shake at 2. so will let you know how i get on. think im gonna make this post my diary so i can keep track of my days. x


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i think the bars are yummy, another tip for the soup, i tend to have a sachet split into 2 for the day and have it as cup a soup as they are very creamy and quite filling. they go a long way this way. or have half soup and later have half hot choc, it just gives u more fluid intake as i find they need more water otherwise to creamy. good luck x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
don't forget your water water water water water everywhere hehehe oohh need a wee!
Some find adding ice flakes to a shake is nice, plus it adds to the fluid intake a little.

Come do my house when you are done xxx I don't mind you keeping busy cleaning it hehe

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