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New to GL...

Discussion in 'GI Diet Support Forum' started by Jay Jay, 8 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Member

    Hi All

    After starting a diet in June and only losing 9lb from then until the beginning of August and then not losing I decided to try the GL Diet. Started last Monday and all is going well, I don't feel as hungry, don't feel deprived and have lost 4lbs! So really happy!

    Can anyone tell me if you are only suppose to have 1 (or 2 if your a man) slice of bread aday or per serving?
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  3. jarael

    jarael Well-Known Member

    hi if its the patrick halford gl diet u are on, i have a good book that i could lend u, then u could photocopy the bits u want.

    i tried it for a week and lost about 9 pounds but i have too much of a sweet tooth. so gave it up. might give it another try soon but u are welcome to borrow it.
  4. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Member


    Thank you for offering to loan me the book, I've now bought one by Nigel Denby.

    9lbs in a week is fantastic! Would definately stick to it if it came off that fast! TOTM at the mo, so I am determind not to get on the scales this week as I can gain upto 5lbs, but things seem to be going well so I'm sticking with it...
  5. jarael

    jarael Well-Known Member

    cool, ive had a bad week, lots of ice cream, hopefully i can correct overthe weekend before weigh in on tuesday lol

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