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New to Lipo day 4 but not losing


Never Ever Give Up!
Don't weigh youself at home cos your scale will not be telling you the same weight as at the pharmacist. When I weighed myself at home I only lost 1.4kg and when I got to the pharmacist it turned out I lost 10lbs!
Thanks Mirjam,I used boots scale though ,will wait till my next pharmacy appt
Maybe it might change,it kind of discourages me just loosing tht little while been 100%
same here love ive only lost 3 since sunday
Hi Cuddle, you know that there are still 3 days left (depending on what time you get weighed on the 7th day) alot can happen in that time!!!, don't be disheartened, i bet you'll have a pleasant suprise when you do get weighed,
Keep at it
Thanks guys,fingerscross for me ,this is also my first day on this forum very helpful and when i feel hungry i read people's stories and that keeps me going.
Hi Cuddles, fingers crossed!!! when i feel that i just can't go on and think of caving in, what i do is grab ahold of a big chunk of tummy blubber and give it a shake, and say out loud, "i won't eat until i have got through all of this" as in used up all of the spare tyre around my middle
I know it's a bit weird, but it works for me LOL
stay with it
Sam :)
Hi there new to this blog and LT!Am a very worried dieter though because I think I have just ruined my last 4 days of effort had a coffee today and added splenda sprinkle not a tablet thought we could have this however after reading other comments seems were not:0Just wondering have I totally ruined my last few days of effort?????
Hi Moomoo
I very much doubt it, as your slip up is fairy minor, i'm sure that it won't matter, apparently there is a small carb window before you get into ketosis, if that makes sense, i'm still having milk in my tea and coffee, controversial i know, but it works for me, not that i'm suggesting anyone else should, i'm happy to have a slower loss, and still be able to enjoy a cuppa, it's the only way that i can stick with it

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