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New to Lipotrim

Hi, I started on Lipotrim TFR 30th August, i have my first weigh in on friday this week, I know its only 5 days but I wanted to stick to regular fridays. Its my 3rd day now, and feel great, the first 2 days were the worse, it wasn't the hunger, or thirst it was the headaches :cry: Hopefully Ketosis won't be that bad if Ive already had a banging head for 2 days, or maybe it was my 2 shouting children.........???:p Im going back to the gym tonight to resume the kettlebells class, I usually do 2 a week so am going to stick with that. The children are back to school monday, so more organisation will be needed, my husband is cooking for himself and the children for the first week just to make it easier on myself, but I must say I have not been tempted, did wake from a nightmare last night that I was eating a crisps, Thank Goodness it was only a dream!!
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Nice post Mindymoo and welcome to lipotrim, you have a lovely supportive family ! I once had a dream I had taken a bite of something and I woke up trying to spit it out lol Good luck xx


Getting married in July!!
Sounds like its going great for u!!!! Welcome.
welcome mindymoo. once you are in ketosis the headaches and stuff should go away.
good luck on your journey x x
HI Mindy, Ive just done my 9th week. The first week is the hardest then once you hit ketosis your not really hungry. I find reasons and goals to make me keep going and take it week by week. I have down days but I know they will pass so I try to push through them. Good luck xx
Hiya Mindymoo..i started the same day as you and dont get weighed until Monday so well done on starting the programme :) Its difficult but will be so worth it in the end x
hi all im just starting week 7 and lost 7lb this week. i swear you wont know yourself once you start ketosis. x x
thanks chick
im feelin great for it, your doing amazingly too x x x
HI Mindymoo, and missmyfood, i have just started and i am on day two. if you want we can be encouragement for each other. :D I'll have my first weight in next thursday. Good luck everyone.
hey little-me congratulations on starting and good luck with your journey x x
Hi all,

Well my first weigh in was good ;), I have lost 5lb, the ladies in the chemist were more pleased than me, and reminded me that as it was friday morning, I had only really done 4 days, which boosted me a bit.
I have really struggled this weekend, I have just come back from watching the big switch on at Blackpool with friends and family, and food was everywhere and it all looked delicious (even though it probably wasn't! :eek:) I stayed strong and thought about fitting in a size 12, it did take alot of focus and willpower but I made it!! I also found it kept more money in my purse, as when I went shopping, I didnt' buy the usual clothes even if they are a bargain :cry: as I said I will go again mid october for my birthday and have a good shop, a goal for myself! Next weigh in friday so that will be exactly a week this time, fingers crossed. Hope everyone else is doing well, lets all support each other!

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well done mindymoo,
Hi All,

Have felt very low today :(, its one full week since I started, it may be just my hormones, but I have really struggled today, felt better after a little:cry: and a chat with my mum, who is my main supporter, still constantly thinking about food, does this ever stop?? :confused:

Hope everyone else is doing well!
hi there, hope you feel better soon. think of your weight loss so far 5lb in 4 days. that's amazing. think about it, it's really good. Have you tried experimenting with the shakes a bit? if you are a coffee drinker like me try a vanilla iced coffee, or a hot chocolate with some sweetener is ok too. try and keep busy that will keep your mind of food. you are doing really well. only 4 sleeps til your next wi xx
Hi Hon,glad you are feeling better. I knoe it's hard but keep thinking, It will be worth it. I promise. think of a lovely slinky dress or nice new trousers or even a top one size smaller... i weighed in to-day and i've lost half a stone, yahoo, so so happy
Hope you are feeling better mindymoo x

Well done little-me.. what a fantastic weight loss x


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