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New to lipotrim !


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drink lots of water, get out of the house when the munchies strike, go to bed early if you need to, have a bath, try to stay out of the kitchen as much as you can until your used to it and stay strong! come on here to have a moan if you want to as well cause that helps.

h x and good luck!


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Aww thank you.

I will keep all that in mind.

How long hav u been on lipotrim ? How r u finding it?

They say the first 5 days r the worse ? Is that true ?


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i lost 70lbs in 15 weeks 3 years ago. im basically back to where i started due to a few traumatic incidences earlier this year but i do know what to do and i will do it...its just trying not be impatient lol

so i went for my first weigh in today

things will only get better!

h xx


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That's impressive !!

Sorry about the incidents. I know the feeling, last year I lost 28lbs without really doing anything but put it bk on through stress.

Lost bout 20lbs in the last 3 months wit the gym and swimming. I love to swim.
But my battle is wit food. I ll eat one large meal late coz of wrk and stuff so I'm hoping lipotrim wit make me feel healthier as I'll b getting everything I need as well as losing the pounds ! Hehe


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do you want to help one another along the way..i know i could do with the support?!

h x


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so hows it going?

h x


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Today's been pretty good.

Been in wrk from 9-6 so I missed out on all the nice weather but it kept me busy.

I had a chocolate shake this morning (7ish) then had soup on my break. I really like the chocolate so I think I'll hav another one at 8 ish.

I was ok all day yesterday but last night so a test of will.
I had the munchies around 9-10pm. But I stayed strong !
Night times seem to b my worse time. Such a night time eater lol.
I did good today tho, wasn't really bothered having my soup on my lunch break when everyone else was having crisps and chocolate.

I do miss fruit and squash tho.

How had ur day been ??


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well other than wanting to eat something earlier because everyone else was, its been fine.
ive kept myself really busy and have been helping my kids sort out their rooms etc. ive still had to cook obviously but its been ok too :) long may it continue lol
what job do you do if you dont mind me asking?

h x
I work in retail. In new look.

But was stuck out the stock room today to get ready for sale...zzz lol.

Ur stronger than me being able to cook for others. I can cope wit people eating around me but when I'm cooking I taste everything so I couldn't do that.

Glad you stayed strong !

I was sat by the snack machine in wrk but I resisted temptation lol.

Tryin not to weigh either, wanna wait until Saturday so it'll b a nice surprise. But I'm so tempted lol
i am starting back today, i lost 150 lbs 3 years ago but after getting married and having a baby have put most back on i hope its as easy as it was last time.


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lol well i could be a meanie and expect them to make their own food but i wont hehe. dont think my OH would appreciate that much either!

poor you having to work on a sunday or dont you mind?

ive never been one to taste things as i cook, in fact i get the kids to do it for me (always have) which i suppose is the wrong thing to do ..i dont know.

good for you for resisting temptation, especially if you were sat next to a snack machine! thats so cruel lol

i know what you mean about not weighing. im not intending to by next saturday but im not sure if ill cave in before that. last time i was weighing every day, which i know isnt healthy is it..its just such a boost when you see the numbers going down almost daily

h x


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i am starting back today, i lost 150 lbs 3 years ago but after getting married and having a baby have put most back on i hope its as easy as it was last time.
good on you for coming back..its hard isnt it.

saying that this last couple of days have been ok really so far......so far lol

h x
I dnt usually work sundays.

But they needed staff and I need the money as in going on holiday towards the end of august so I hav a mini goal for hehe.

Yep I think if I weighed every day I would become obsessed wit it so really testing myself lol.

Do u hav any mini goals ?


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yes. to get to the next stone bracket :). oo holiday anyway nice?

h x
To America,

I studied there last year as part of an exchange program so I'm staying with some friends.

So excited ! :)

Nice to see the stones disappear


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i felt like i wanted to eat something earlier and had a word with myself lol but other than that ok. my tongue is the colour of cotton wool but not feeling particularly cold yet so i guess im going into ketosis soon. i also havent been told ive got rank breath yet either which is another good indication...hows yours going?oh and my tummys rumbling but i dont feel hungry?!
h x

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