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New to Lipotrim

Today is my first day on Lipotrim. So far all is well, the shakes aren't as bad as i thought and the support on here make me feel so much better! I'm aiming to lose around 5st, but with a holiday coming up in 5 weeks i'm worried that if i eat anything when i'm away the weight i lose will pile back on. Anyone any suggestions on what to do when i go away? :confused:
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you could do it for the 5 weeks then take a week off however getting back on LT can be hard!
do u think you could do it while ur away?
Thanks for your reply.

I don't think i'd have a problem during the day keeping to it and i don't really drink, but its the meal at night when everyone goes out that i think i might find hard to avoid.


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would u consider telling them? or do u not want to?
thats what i found hard, i didnt tell my family as didnt want negative comments etc but when i went home i did eat one day as they were all commenting about my weight loss and i didn want it to look like i had an eating disorder so it was easier to eat with them
They all know about it. Despite them possibly not thinking its right for me to do. I really want to stick to this. I just think it would be unrealistic to decide that i wouldn't eat anything whilst im away.


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if ur determined enough to loose the weight u can do it! especially if they all know ur doing it! why dont u get the chicken soups so u can eat that while they are eating
Hi Lipotrim Lady

Welcome, you will have no difficulty getting the 5 stone off, I have lost 3 in 3 months.

This site is brilliant, if you ever went to weight watchers, it's like the support you might get from a class, except you can (and should) log in as often as you can, especially if tempted to blow it all.

About your holiday, firstly the great thing is that you have 5 full weeks on LT before you go so you will have seen some very good results by then which will motivate you not to blow it altogether, I had to go on holidays after 3 weeks on LT.

Secondly if you are going away with someone who supports you being on LT, you would have the option of staying on it while away? That may seem drastic but other people here routinely socialise and go on trips and stick to it, so it's something to think about, especially if you are staying in an apartment as you could pack a blener and adaptor and just continue as normal.

If you are planning to eat on holidays (as I did) there is a very good refeeding guideline on this site or else your pharmacist will give you the sheet, it's pretty rule-based, you avoid carbs altogether for a couple of days, but it definitely prevents you regaining the weight if you stick to it. So you can either do a healthy re-feed for 3/4/ days before you go so that you can eat carbs form Day 1 on hols, or you can just be very controlled in the first few days.

My experience was that I actually had only lost 1 pound the week before I went away but then lost 5 while away; I was sick with flu the first few days which was great excuse not to eat carbs, and then ate a lot of salads and protein type things (like an omlette with salad or fish/chicken with salad). The last 2 days I ate bread (after body was readjusted) I stayed completely away from deserts and alcohol, but if you decide to have these, try to be sparing with it, either desert or alcohol not both on same day if you know what i mean. Also by then your pharmacist will be able to offer you flapjacks instead of shakes (refeed includes one LT a day), which are handier when going on holidays.

The only other thing to say is that I advise going immediately back on LT when your feet hit home territory, best to get straight back in and forget about food again. And finally there is really no need to get too upset oif you put opn a pound or two on holidays, if you go straight back on it you will lose them again the week after.

Good luck with the first week

Clare x
Thanks for the support, i already have a few flapjacks to try so i could just take some with me and stick to those. I'll let you know how i get on. fingers crossed!
welcome to the lipotrim forum, I only started 3 weeks ago and this site is brill and all the people are fantastic with lots of support and help if you get stuck, hope you do well and lose lots before you go away xx
welcome to LT, as people have said, if you feel that you will be tempted while away on holidays, work at it for a few weeks, refeed then come back to it after your holiday. Just be warned people find it difficult to restart LT. Good luck on whatever you decide


Says it as it is!!!
Thanks for the support, i already have a few flapjacks to try so i could just take some with me and stick to those. I'll let you know how i get on. fingers crossed!
Hi hun you shouldnt be eating flapjacks until at least week 2-3 ...and when you do eat then you need to up your water by 1 pint to compensate for the water that would go into your shake! And they are limited 1 a day!!!


Says it as it is!!!
Nope the water in your shakes, is in ADDITION to the 2 litres (minimum ) you have to have!
The more water you drink ..up to 10 pints a day max (in addition to your shakes) the more weight you will lose...WATER is the key!!!


Says it as it is!!!
Citrus is a MASSIVE no. no...will kick you out of ketosis...plain water i am afraid... i never ever ever ever drank water before LT...but, find it dead easy now!! Ice cold is best for me and it also burn 28 cals, per glass, as your body has to heat it up before being able to process it! x
Have you tried drinking through straws...it helped me in the first few weeks x
welcome aboard this forum is great the guys are a real support and full of good advice. good luck
Yeah, definitely have to get 2-3 litres in addition to the shakes. I always make my shakes with at least 500mls as that adds up to a bit extra at the end of the day. And you can't use lemon but you can drink plain sparkling, which is at least a bit different. Best to just have a bottle of water with you at all times!

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