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New to LT and lots to lose.


ive just bought the stuff for my first week on LT, so starting tomorrow. These posts have been really encouraging about what to expect. The thing im worried about though is that ive got a lot to lose = 140 ib im worried that this is an impossible goal. Anyone out there also got a lot to lose or had a lot and have managed to shift it able to help? xx
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I have 96lbs to lose so not as much as u, but I have lost a stone in 2 weeks so its defiantly achievable dont give up and come on here for loads of friendly advice and support, welcome to the Lipotrim crew hahaha...

just posted this on your intro
hi and welcome x
there are quite a few ppl with lots to lose.some half way through thier journey.have a look through the threads at ppls losses.they really are amazing and still going.
think the best thing to do if your finding the amount you want to lose too daunting,is to break it up into smaller goals and treat yourself when you reach each one.maybe get your hair done,buy some jewellery or a new bag etc.
think this will spur you on and alot of the successful LT ppl do this x
good luck for day 1 x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi Dynamic. I also have to loose a lot of weight, about 120lbs and it seems an insurmountable challenge. A sensible eating approach just makes the end line so far away when you have a lot to lose. But the results people get on LT seem just fabulous. I am on my 3rd day and finding it tough but know it will get easier. My initial goal is to get through about six weeks and review then, maybe refeed for a few weeks and then do another six. My view is, when you have a lot to lose you just have to break it down in to manageable chunks. I am getting great encouragement from reading other's stories on this site.
Take your courage in your hands and stick with it, at least to get the initial boost of a quick stone or two to set you on your way.
hey this diet is brill when you have lots to lose you will lose it in no time you will be surprised. i lost over 6 stone last year my sister lost 9 we did it for just over 6 months my sister took bit longer but it just flew by the more you lose and see the difference the more you get addicted to this diet its brilliant. xx
Hi there - well here is one of those people with a lot to lose. Correction, with not much to lose now :)

My tracker and sig say it all - i'm so happy with Lipotrim! Hope you feel the same after the first few weeks :)

It is possible, and i am stunned every day that i have done this since March THIS YEAR! it's insane!

I've gone from a dress size 24 to a 14. I've lost 7.5 stone. ANd I had absolutely ZERO diet willpower until Lipotrim, somehow it just clicked - really hope it does for you too. This is life-changing stuff.

I totally agree about looking towards smaller milestones and targets - celebrate every clothes size dropped. Give yourself a pat on the back for every half stone, a treat at every stone gone and mark occasions like getting halfway, 25% of target - everything! with every weigh in enjoy waving goodby to that fat that will never come back.

I'm excited for you :)

EDIT: lol just noticed you are going for the lower end of the BMI healthy weight - clearly more positive & optimistic than me!!
Thank you all so much, you have all been really encouraging. im really hoping this is the one i manage having tried every diet under the sun and only managed to get bigger. Im bursting out of my size 26 trousers and i look in the mirror and wonder who that fat women is looking back at me. i know someone that has dont this and he lost 5 stone in 2 months which i think is just a huge amount, id be happy with loosing up to a stone a month would mean i can wear nice summer clothes next year. fingers crossed everyone.
thanks again all.
Hi Dynamic and welcome to LT.

I think that a lot of us can relate to this being a kind of 'last chance' and I ABSOLUTELY understand how you're feeling. I've got a similar amount to lose (130lb) and am coming from a similar starting weight. It's weird because it really does creep up until one day you look in the mirror or (in my case) see a photo that horrifies you and makes you think "That fat woman is ME?!"

I started this programme thinking that maybe it was going to be just too long and rocky a road. The idea of losing 130lbs...almost half my bosy weight seemed impossible. 2 and a bit weeks in and I've nearly lost 2 stone!!! The idea of being nearly a 6th of the way towards goal is incredible and gives you the kind of motivation and self-belief that no other diet can.

I think you'll get a HUGE loss in your first week- I wouldn't be surprised to see you drop 10lbs or more and that will give you the confidence you need to continue.

I think the 'small goals' idea is a great one but for me I'm going to treat myself to a holiday to New York and a killer wardrobe at the end of it all! It gives me something to focus on.

Good luck this week and I'm sure you're going to do brilliantly on LT. If you're feeling hungry/upset/tired/miserable then come on here- it's a Godsend and has got me through until now.

Big hugs

Luce xxx

P.s... if you ever lose motivation just look at what 100lbs of fat looks like...and imagine how much healthier you'll be without it!

Luce xxx

There are a lot of people here with similar amounts to lose, it's definitely doable! Welcome to the forum, you've made a great decision with Lipotrim. Best of luck with your first week! :)

5 stone in 2 months! wow! that's incredible!!

I started with 155lbs to lose, so know how you feel! its a nightmare trying to start such a daunting journey with a healthy eating plan, its just so slow. have a look at my signature, there are my losses.

good luck honey xxx


Back on the diet train...
hey just wanted 2 say good luck. im on my 3rd day. its tough but if u look at evey1s losses its worth it.

hi i am doing lipotrim again and i want to drop 100lb this is officially my 1st day and i feel great had a slight headache but drink plenty of water and when i do my shake well my wonderful hubby he crushes ice in it as well (he does it so i don't see the food for the first few days until the hunger stops) it's a fab diet hard but worth it.It has taken me a long time to get myself in the frame of mind for lipotrim but now i am lookin forward to putting the huge clothes in the BIN...this site is excellent and the best thing about it is the encouragement that all the other girls give you as we are all in it for the same thing so good luck we can all do it x x x x
Just wanted to wish you lots of luck on your Lipotrim journey. I started 13 weeks ago and have lost almost 5 stone - I can't actually believe it! When I set my target of losing 100lb my Aunty suggested that I was maybe being a little too ambitious, well I'm pleased to say that I stuck to my guns and have lost a total of 68lb so far!

I've put some pictures in my 'Profile Albums' of before and during my journey. That's something I would definately reccommend doing. I always knew I was big but never actually realised just how big I was until I compared my pictures from Week One and Week Ten. I now can't wait to see the difference when I get to my final goal. x

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