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New to Maintenance

think i am right posting on here.... lost 5 stone 3lbs and am now at my goal. BMI 25 and have had two weeks adding a protein / veg meal in the evenings.

After 1st week put a 1lb on - now my counsellor said don't panic as i had lost 8lbs previous and it was also TOTM but it makes me feel so despondant.

Went to Liverpool shopping this weekend and i know i did not drink enough water and had a chicken burger so think i will have put on again. I tried to drink loads of water when i got home but just ended up running to the loo every 5 mins! I'm sure i will have burned off lbs walking round the shops but i don't think that much!LOL. I actually woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night after dreaming i had got weighed and put on 6lbs!! AAGGGHHH! Hope this is not an omen!

ANother issue is i want to start trying for a family and i know now i am in the healthiest points in my life but am scared that if i do get pregnant and obviously won't know for a few weeks will this time spent on just shake/bars/ and salad for supper cause any problems. Surviving on 500cals a day isn't probably ideal?

I was thinking about talking to my counsellor tonight at my wi and see what she would suggest. Maybe moving to a higher plan? I don't want to pile all the weight back on and am scared this will happen. I know my thoughts on food have totally changed since doing CD and i don't know crave all the crap i was eating so i feel confident that i will eat healthier options in the future.

Sorry to babble on and wonder if anyone has a similar experience to share.
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Hi Ruth im going to be having IVF very soon and needed to work myself up through the plans quickly, my CDC suggested doing 3 days on each of the plans and so thats what I have done and fingers crossed I have done really well and not gained any rebound weight, I havent lost any either and am just hovering at the moment but as I am now on 1500cal plan am back off to the gym tonight and hoping this will start me on my healthy eating and lifestyle journey and then hopefully will be able to drop a little more weight before I start to gain it for the right reason. Good luck my dear xxx
Thanks Julie, think i will mention that tonight to my counsellor see what she suggests. I know it could take a while for me to get pregnant so i don't want to be piling weight on before the event! Been going to the gym as well so that should be burning some weight of as well!

Good luck with your future plans! xx:)
spoke to my counsellor last night and she said to move up to 1000cal plan for a week then next one up. Also told me to start taking some vitamins (A-Z type) and if (and when) i do get pregnant she can still give me one CD product allowance a day as a supplement. So 1st day of that plan today..... actually looking forward to fruit - never thought i would say that!

Good luck and keep us posted on your success! xx


Trying to stay healthy!
hi Ruth, good luck with the 1000 plan, it's a fab plan you will really enjoy it!

Have a fab day!

Glad you had a productive chat with your councillor, the 1000 plan is great, have been doing it for a week now, not sure what I will do once I finish the plans, I love the CD shakes and bars and think I will miss them once I get to maintenance, so having one a day sounds like an excellent idea, especially as they have loads of nutrients... good luck with your future plans...
Pregnacare is a really good multi vitamin you can get one for when your trying to conceive my dear. Hope you enjoy your fruit xxx
thanks for the encouragement - its quite a scary prospect moving up to eating 'normal' foods and these bars and shakes are like security blankets.

Well off to aerobics class tonight and gym tomorrow so onward and upwards! LOL
I think ive lost the plot im really enjoying the gym at the mo perhaps its true what they say abscence makes the heart grow fonder tee hee xxx

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