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New to MiniMins


I see the light!
Hello, and welcome to Minimins, you will soon get used to it theres loads and loads of information!

Well done on your weight loss so far, you are doing fab!!!

Helen xx


Staff member
Welcome Twinkletoes2008:welcome:

Well done on your weight loss and wish you all the best getting your 3 stone award:happy096:

Good to see you posting:)

I have moved your post into the SW forum...

To help you make your way around MiniMins if you click on the link below it will help you out.


If you need any help be sure to ask.


Here we go again ..
hi hun and welcome to the group im new here to and the site seems great ... fingers crossed for you for your three stone this week well done on your acheivment so far


is working hard.....
Hello and welcome!

Super congratulations on your brilliant loss so far - what an achievement!

Lots to read on here and yes, being here does prevent the munchies lol!

xx :)


Big fan of Mini min
Hi TT, welcome, I joined two weeks ago, and its a fab site, very imformative and everyone is helpful and give brilliant encouragement, I also find when I'm on the site i'm away from the fridge :).
To get your ticker just click on anyones ticker and it will open up the site for you to set yours up any probs just ask!:)


Big fan of Mini min
Thanks Nikkiruth - I managed to work it out eventually! You are doing really well - keep it up. Are you doing EE?
I try and do Red but I do do EE, a couple of days a week do you mainly do EE:)


Big fan of Mini min
I do tend to forget you only have 1A and 1B, on EE, as i use to do SW 2 years ago before EE came in so got my head round Red and Green, but I'm sure When I get my head round it I will do more EE.
Do you find you have a good weight loss on a weekly basis. :)
I average 2lbs a week. Lowest 1/2 lb in any week - never STS or gain so I'm happy with that. I do try to keeps syns to 10 a day and I have a chocolate treat EVERY day (unless I've already used up the syns!) I also keep an online food diary every day. What about you?


Big fan of Mini min
Well I've only just got back onto it, but when I was doing it I did lose between 0.5 to 2lb a week when I stuck to it, I did lose 4 stone, but had an accident in dec and was restricted in what I could do so felt sorry for myself and ate mainly due to boredom, until I mange to gain 2 of the 4 I had lost.
So I had a serious talk with myself, but when I did the green or the red I found myself cheating every so often, but I think the EE might help me from cheating.
I do like the idea of being able to have green and red together.
I suppose I couldn't see how you can mix after doing it separately before. :)

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