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new to rosemary conley


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
good morning to you all,
went to the doctors yesterday for something not weight related and come away with a form for slimming on referral for rosemary conley classes so am going to my first one on thursday evening and am quite nervous to tell the truth, i have finally accepted that i could not do sw so hopefully this will be better for me and my life style.
any hints and tips would be great, also what can i expect when i get to the class on thursday
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Hi, I started RC on Monday after following WW unsuccessfully for 10 years. I arrived and they get you to fill out a form then go through to talk to the 'leader' who will weigh you then someone will talk through the plan with you. You then have a 45 minute exercise class. Everyone was really friendly, worlds apart from my WW class which was very clicky. I know I am only 2 days in but feeling really positive about it, it's hard work but looking at a lot of the success stories it will be so worth it. Good luck :)
G: 10st10lb
Hi hun, ok, the first 2 weeks you will be following a 1200 calorie menu plan, no treats or booze for this period. The next 2 weeks you calories will increase to 1400 and you can have treats and booze - yippee, after this, you will be given a calorie allowance based on your current weight which will be much higher than the previous 4 weeks. Now, your stomach might think your throats been cut to start with lol, but hang in there hun and you will see amazing results - honest. There is an excersise session after the class which I always remember to be great fun and once you get into it after a couple of weeks you actualy look forward to doing it:D

If you follow the plan to the letter, you shouldn't feel too deprived or hungry and it realy is worth doing it to the letter, no tweeking etc. During these first 4 weeks you can expect to loose in the region of 1 stone so if thats not motivation to stick to it to the letter, I don't know what is. Its nice to see on this forum so good luck with your first week and well done on getting it on referal, i only thought they did SW on the nhs, so its nice to know they are including RC too.
Hi there, i am another newbie, only on my 3rd day, but getting through ok so far, it takes a bit of time to work out meals etc, but i find that during the day my food choices do not really change much, the main difference is the evening meals.
I think another important thing to do is to plan your meals in advance if at all possible so you know what to pick up while doing your shopping.
We are trying to get a page on here where we can compare food diarys and recipes as i think that could be a big help too!
I have started my own thread for each day where i post my food diary, maybe you could start your own thread too if you think it may help?
I am off on holiday in 10 days, but maybe we can exchange ideas along the way too ?
Best of luck anyway!
Frankie x

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