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new to slimfast

I'm not a fan of SlimFast strawberry either, but for some reason I don't mind the Tesco UltraSlim version!

But Slimfast Cafe Latte is lovely!

I would say to you if you're just starting, try all flavours in the small individual cartons first before you buy the big tins.

Also, try mixing up some bar meal replacements instead of shakes to vary what you're taking in. Especially if you only like limited flavours or its gets boring really quickly!

Good Luck
ive had a few and its gettin a bit better lol still not enjoyin them though lol what is the difference between the asda/tesco homebrands and the more expensive celeb slim/slim fast?
They are very sweet because they have sooo much sugar in them.
I bought telco ultra slim a few weeks ago, but then I looked at the nutritional information and noticed it is full of carbs and sugar! Look at the label you will be shocked! Considering the easiest way to loose weight is to cut down on carbs,saturated fat and sugar I didn't think it was the best slimming product.
I think it's defiantly worth thinking about what you want from a diet before drinking this stuff. Iv thrown mine in the bin now and got some high protein diet shakes instead which cost about the same. Read up on the benefits of protein with weight loss and make up your mind on the telco/ slim fast shakes.
Carbs get stored in your body if you don't burn them off, where as protein is not stored in the same way,so in a diet protein shake it's a slow release protein that you get your energy from, not stored carbs, and because it doesn't store it, your body burns more fat for energy and uses more energy to get fuel from the protein, making you use more calories. Also with protein you won't loose muscle mass just fat.
Sorry if it sounds like a lecture, just think everyone should know what they are putting in there bodies.
Iv just started using a protein diet shake called phd diet whey, it tastes good, and keeps me fuller for longer.
Keep track of my diary and il post my losses on Monday.
thanks for taking the time to write all that out lol where do you buy ur shakes? x
I buy them online from phd fitness, they are great ring them if you need any advice and they are happy to help, also do next day delivery on supplements and are the cheapest I've found. Hope this helps

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