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New to slimming world - my green and red diary. Help greatly appreciated!


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Hi, I'm a newbie here and am on my third day of sw :) thought I would post my diary incase i'm doing anything wrong - i'm still a bit unsure of myself! I'm doing red and green days but at the moment have only done green as it's a lot easier for me to find something for lunch! I will probably only do red days at the weekend :) anyway, i've had a sneaky peek on the scale and things seem to be moving I the right direction, so i'm really hoping for a loss on my wi day (monday) here's my diary for today :)

Today was a green day:

Breakfast: special k and semi skimmed milk

Lunch: vegetarian chilli with pasta

Dinner: am probably going to do a stir fry with quorn pieces

Snacks: so far just an apple - i'm so stuffed! But have a clementine in my bag and might have some carrot sticks later. Will probably have a curly wurly tonight too :) they're 5.5 syns right?!
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Okay, thanks :) i'm not sure. I don't think so. Don't actually like the stuff and it's all gone now, so doesn't matter too much if I shouldn't of been eating it as I wont be again!


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Another green day...

Breakfast: special k w/semi skimmed milk and a clementine. Last of the special k thank god!

Lunch: pasta with a tomato sauce with courgette and pepper in it

Dinner: think i'm having two quorn sausages with some slimming world wedges. Will also put a fair bit of salad on the plate. And possibly a small amount of ketchup. :)

Snacks: will probably have curly wurly and an apple this evening, and maybe a muller light :)

P.S yay it's friday :D


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I ended up doing another green day, I'm just never sure what I's eat on a green day.

Breakfast: Two Quorn sausages with two fried eggs

Lunch: Home made vegetable soup

Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce

Snacks: Two clementines, an apple, some pineapple chunks, a muller light, a curly wurly (6 syns) and a tesco mini chocolate bar (2 syns)
Hi! Hope you dont mind me popping in a looking at your diary.

Looking at your menus I have noticed that you are not using all your Healthy Extras. On Green days and Red Days you are allowed 2 x HEXA and 2 x HEXB and on Extra Easy Days you can have 1 of each. :)
Hiya! Good luck with SW, I noticed that your stats are roughly the same as mine when I started, you can do it!! xx


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Hi everyone :) Thanks for the info about HE's bubbalicious and i sure hope so rumble tummy! Does museli count as a HE? I'm thinking of having that for breakfast this week :) I'll try get some more in but i just don't know when to eat them!
I ended up doing a green day yet again... I do plan on doing a red day at some point, i just find it so much easier to make meals with carbs

Breakfast: Two Quorn sausages with scrambled egg

Lunch: Pieces of mango and a clementine (i know this isn't great but i was at work)

Dinner: Pasta with a mushroom sauce. I also had a bit of bread and butter pudding.Very naughty i know but i'm not going to eat any other syns!

Snacks: An apple and will maybe have a muller light in a bit, i'm not really hungry though.


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Hey, here's todays diary :)

Breakfast: Muesli with semi skimmed milk

Lunch & dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce

Snacks: Clementine, apple, some raspberries and a tesco mini chocolate bar (2 syns)
Hi blue cow,

Your diary looks ok but you don't seem to be eating enough! Make sure you use more of your syns and try and use your healthy extras.

Not sure if you're a veggie, but if not, try doing EE for a few days, you only get one of each Healthy Extra and you have to make sure each meal is a third superfree (essentially fruit and veg, except starchy ones like corn and parsnips). You don't seem to be using all your Hex's so at least you can mix meat n fish with your carbs :)



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Hey, i'm trying to get my healthy extras but i just don't know what to have! And i'm not a veggie, infact i keep meaning to do red days, i'm just never sure what to eat!
So i did yet another green day...

Breakfast: Muesli w/ semi skimmed milk

Lunch: Pasta w/ tomato sauce

Dinner: Two Quorn sausages w/ sw potato wedges

Snacks: 2 clementines, an apple, some pineapple, a muller light. Will probably have a curly wurly (6 syns) a bit later. :)
For your Hex A, you could have cheese, and then for your B, a wholemeal pitta (although not all are Hex's, you'll have to check). Throw on a bit of passata and you have a pitta pizza!

You could use 1 level tbsp of extra virgin olive oil as a Hex B as well.

There are also numerous bars, like Aplen Light or Fibre Plus bars which also count as Hex's.

Have a look through a few other diaries and you'll soon get some ideas :) x


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Another green day...

Breakfast: Muesli with semi skimmed milk

Lunch: A cheesy omelette and to fat free activia yoghurts (these are syn free, right?)

Dinner: Homemade mushroom curry with rice

Snacks: A banana, an apple, some mango, some pineapple and a creme egg ice cream - 10 syns, feel so guilty :(
28grms of Jordan's muesli + 1 ryvita wholegrain crackerbread is a hexb. There are lots of hexb's to choose from.

I noticed you like sweet things, you could have sugar puffs (without milk) as a snack but to count as a hexb you also need to have 1 scan bran.

You don't mention if you are going to class or not. If so you will have a book with all the hex's in there. If you're not going to class there is a subforum on here dedicated to Healthy Extra's.

Don't forget to measure your milk so you stick within your allowance.

Are you having enough to eat? You can eat as much free food as you want, there is no need to go hungry. Yep take a look at the diaries to get an idea on what you can eat.

Yep activia fat free yogurts are free. Don't feel guilty about the creme egg ice cream, that is what your syns are for.

Well done so far, don't forget to keep asking questions.:D

Crikey I've just read what I've wrote & it sounds like I'm shouting, I really don't mean to & just want to help:D


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Glad the yoghurts are free they're gorgeous :) And you didn't sound like you were shouting lol :) you were very helpful, thank you. :)

I don't go to class as i live in the middle of nowhere! Jordans muesli is what i've been eating - does it only count as a Hexb if you have it with the ryvita?

I think i'm eating enough most days, i don't tend to feel hungry. It's weird, because even my muesli will keep me going until lunch time with no hunger pangs!


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Okay, i'll get some Ryvita in at the weekend!
Did another green day today, feeling a bit unwell this afternoon though - still ate but didn't really enjoy it :(

Breakfast: Muesli (28g) with SS milk

Lunch: Pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce, 2 x Activia ff yoghurts

Dinner: Pasta and quorn bolognese, with lots of veggies :) Also put 20g grated Low fat cheddar on - HEa?!:D

Snacks: a banana and a peach

Any idea how many syns the muesli is seeing as i'm not having Ryvita with it atm?


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Diary for today...

Breakfast: Omelette (2 eggs) and 2 Activia FF Yoghurts

Lunch: 200g Pineapple chunks (wasn't very hungry as i had breakfast quite late)

Dinner: Leftover Quorn bolognese with pasta and some HExA LF cheddar grated on top... and there's still some left lol. Don't mind though i love bolognese!:D

Snacks: Nothing so far!! Not very hungry today, probably because my head hurts... May have a yoghurt or some fruit later but will try stay away from the syns! Might make a hot chocolate later though to use up my HExA milk allowance.

Am going out to Frankie and Bennys tomorrow night with some friends! Have had a look at the menu and think i'll probably have a red day and eat either:

'Warm chicken salad':

'Chicken breast pieces with red onion and mushrooms, glazed in soy sauce on a bed of mixed leaves with spinach, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. Served with garlic ciabatta bread on the side.' And ask for it without the garlic bread... unless i feel like i desperately want some lol! (i do love my garlic bread:p)

or lemon chicken salad:

'A seasoned chicken breast served with fresh rocket, spinach, green and red peppers, celery, red onion and cherry tomatoes, all tossed in our delicious lemon and basil oil with half a char-grilled lemon on the side.'
Do these look OK? Howe many syns do you reckon would be in them? (Without the garlic bread of course;))

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