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New to Slimming World.

Hey all, I hope you don't mind me making a post - felt inspired to after reading so many on here.

I started SW alone on Saturday - joined the bodyopti online. I think I'm doing ok but was wondering if perhaps someone would shed an eye over todays food dairy and just reassure me I'm doing this correctly...

Ok here goes:
Red Day -

Breakfast: 2 x Apples

Lunch: Ham, Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Luttace, Cucumber, Onion and Carrot
2 x Muller Light (Free)

Dinner: Omlette (3 eggs) Ham, 198g New Pots (As per healthy extra B) 42g Low Fat cheddar (As per Healthy Extra A) and baked beans (7 syns 200g?)

Drinks: Diet Coke / Pepsi Max

I'm sorry my first post is such along one - but any reconfirmation/hits/tips would be greatly appreciated?

Tom x
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Welcome Tom :D

As per your food diary...You should check the ham your using as some of the supermarket processed stuff has syns in it, same with the cottage cheese. You appear to be missing a healthy extra B choice so make sure you have that. Also... try and have a few more syns, 7 syns a day isnt quite enough for a fella.

Other that that, looking good! Glad to have you aboard :D
Ok - Wonderful, thankyou so very much. I really appreciate your help. Been really hard trying to figure this stuff out alone.
May I just clarify, is it 1 A and 2 B's? Or just on Red, I could'nt find it anywhere on the website - maybe I'm just missing it.


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Red/Green - 2 HEBs and either 1 or 2 HEAs
Extra Easy - one of each

On a red day you can have baked beans as a HEB so you could use them as your second HEB and use your syns for something else if you wanted.


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Just checked for you and 142g of beans is a HEB so if you had any more than that they would need to be synned.

Don't worry you'll get the hang of it in no time!
Hey again all, still going well I think :) Looking forward to hopping on the scales tomorrow.
I was just wondering if you guys would take a look at yesterdays dairy, whilst I stuck within the boundarys, I can't help thinking perhaps I should be eatting more free foods?

Here goes:

Breakfast: 2 x Apples
Snack: MullerLight Cherry
Lunch: None as work was too busy to get away :(
Snack: MullerLight Vanilla
Dinner: Homemade burgers (lean mince, onion, dash of worcester sauce, egg to bind) 2 x 57g? Wholemeal Roll (2 x HEXB) 100g Baked Beans 3.5Syns, 42g Low fat Cheddar (HEXA)

Snack: Whole Meal Roll (6 syns I think) Bacon. Mullerlight.

Felt I ate an awful lot yesterday - really don't want to be doing anything wrong so would appreciate any tips or advice :) :D


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Welcome to SW and this forum.

I cant believe that all you have for breakfast is 2 apples. My stomach would think that my throat was cut.

Good luck and keep posting.


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It feels like you ate a lot because you had almost your entire day's intake in a single meal! I mean you had next to nothing from getting up until your evening meal. I would literally be chewing my hand off come dinner time if I did this! And you're really not doing yourseld any favours - your body need food to work efficiently, think of it like a fire in the boiler room room that needs regular stoking to keep burning. And if you don;t eat much during the day then you are putting yourself at risk of being so hungry that you just stuff your face with whatever is to hand, irrespective of whether it is SW friendly or not. So a better breakfast and a proper lunch are a must do!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yeah definately make sure you eat more regularly, also maybe some chicken drumsticks without skin as snacks cos their free on a red daY!
good luck x
Thanks again all - its not usual that I go without lunch to be honest. Do you think the food diary looks ok? Like I said, I'm concerned about the "free" foods, do you think I should be eatting more of them? I'm planning to have the rest of the bugers I made yesterday this evening with perhaps a nice big salad instead of the wholemeal roll.
I agree - 2 apples for breki, i'd be killing someone, lol !!

If your worried about what you should/could be eating, a good idea would be to look through peoples food diaries - full of idea's of what you can have then.

I tend to do red days TBH - although today I am on a green day. Just so you know the difference, heres what I have had today so far......

B = 28g porridge oats & 125ml ss milk (HEb & 1/2 HEa)

snack = Strawberries

L = Cross & Blakewell Pasta packet chicken & mush flavour, made with 125ml ss milk & water (other 1/2 of HEa)

snack - Aplen Light bar (3syns)
Satin crunch Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps (4syns)

Dinner - Huge portion (and I mean huge!! lol) rissoto with mushrooms, Rosemary & quorn sausages

Will soon be having some scanbran cake using my other HEb option too!
Aww thanks for the advice and help this week guys! Its been really awesome, hoped on the scales this morning, 1 week in and IM 8LBS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

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