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Extra Easy New to Slimming World!


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Hi everyone!

I joined my local class last night, started today - So far so good, I think... this is what I have had is this ok?

2 slices of wholemeal bread HEb
Poached egg
Baked beans

Jacket potato
Can of tuna
Mixed salad
2x cherry tomatos
2x babybel minis HEa

And tonight I'm making the chicken tikka and rice out of the booklet and probably have a bowl of fruit and yogurt?

Still abit confused with this plan lol. Ive only ever done WW and CD

Also... Mug Shots? Are these free on EE?
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Hi and welcome

mugshots - depends which one it is, some are free and some have syns.

be careful with your bread as HEXb as this counts as

2 slices from a 400g loaf or 1 slice from 800g loaf or 57g, I made this mistake when i first started and was eating 2 slices from 800g loaf as HEXb.

Good Luck!
Here are the syns for mug shots on EE:-

Pasta Snack, Cheese 'n' Ham, dried, 66g sachet - 3.5

Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Mushroom, dried, 66g sachet - 2

Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Vegetable, dried, 60g sachet - 2

Pasta Snack, Creamy Cheese, dried, 68g sachet - 2

Pasta Snack, Minestrone, dried, 60g sachet - Free

Pasta Snack, Roast Chicken, dried, 55g sachet - Free

Pasta Snack, Tomato 'n' Herb, dried, 64g sachet - Free

Couscous Snack, Chicken & Mushroom, dried, 70g sachet - 2

Couscous Snack, Tomato & Roast Vegetable, dried, 70g sachet - 1
Ooo thanx for that, I always wondered which mug shots were free :)
hi hun welcome to minimins :) low fat supernoodles are also free on ee, just try and make sure u have the 1/3rd superfree with all ur meals for example u could have had tomatoes & mushrooms with ur breakfast as ur superfree, fill up as much as u can with ur free foods and u will find it works better and u won't feel hungry also drink lots of water, good luck x


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Thanks everyone! :D

The bread was from the 400g loaf as my little boy has that bread, lucky enough!

Ah I think I bought the Mug Shots with syns, no problem though.

Still trying to get my head around eating all this food and loosing weight lol!

Diet coke? Is that ok for me to drink as much as I want? I'll only have one can a day, and only drink water x


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Yes - diet coke is fine in unlimited quantities.

Just remember the third superfree rule!! (SUPERfree, not just free!!)
Hi just wanted to say good luck with the diet, i am new 2 i am on week 2 .
sue xxxx

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