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New to SW Katielou's Diary

Well, I am pretty new to SW and doing it on my own - thought these food diaries seemed like a good idea, would really appreciate any feedback or advice!

Here goes -

Friday 5th Feb - Red

Breakfast - 28g Alpen HEXB, Banana

Lunch - Ham & tomato, 3 slices of thin WW wholemeal bread HEXB

Dinner - 4 slices lean bacon, scrambled egg

Snacks - Banana, fresh pineapple, 1 babybel light (2), choc buttons 15g (4), 2 cadburys roses (4)

Milk for the day - 350ml skimmed - HEXA

Felt like I've eaten loads, hope I'm doing it right - feel free to let me know x:)
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Oops meant to total syns - 8 syns!


Strutting her stuff
Gosh, and there was me thinking you'd hardly had anything to eat!

Breakfast - I'd struggle on just a small amount of cereal and a banana and would probably be starving come lunchtime

Lunch - which WW bread did you use as most are only 2 slices for a HEB. I think the only one where you can have 3 is the brown danish.

Dinner - IMO a few slices of bacon and some scrambled egg isn't a proper main meal.

Is there some reason you are choosing to do red over extra easy? You could have really padded out your meals with some carbs if you were doing EE.

I don't mean to sound negative, it's just that not eating enough is a common problem for newcomers. We're that programmed to think we have to cut back on the amount we eat when dieting! On SW it's about the quality of food we eat rather than the amount.
Thanks for the advice circles, trying to get to grips with the straightforward red and green days first, not really sure how EE works. This was more than enough food for me, I can't normally eat large portions.
Anyway, just about to post yesterdays, would appreciate any advice on it - syns were a bit ott!
Saturday 6th Feb - Red

Breakfast - alpen 28g (HEXB), banana

Lunch - 1/2 tin red salmon with some salad, banana, apple, fresh pineapple

Dinner - Lean steak with salad and boiled egg

Snack - 3x light babybel HEXA
Milk - HEXA
3 celebration chocs (6)
2 bottles beer (10)
3 glasses of wine (18)

34 syns in total :( Will try and limit syns this week to even it out

Had a good night though so shouldn't moan too much!
Well made it to Sunday

Had another red day again

Breakfast - bacon, scrambelled egg, 1/2 sausage (2), apple juice (2.5)

Lunch - Banana (Iknow rubbish lunch but had ny breakfast really late)

Dinner - Home made chips with fry light (HEXB) Chicken, salad

Snacks - bottle of beer (4.5), 2x rih tea fingers (2), apple

Milk - 350 ml skimmed HEXA
oops - total syns 11
Mon 8th Feb - Green

Breakfast - 28g alpen HEXB

Lunch - Baked tattie & Beans, Banana

Dinners - Potatoes & red onion dry roasted, 113g pork medallions HEXB, salad

350 ml skimmed milk - HEXA

Snacks - apple, glass of wine (4.5), twix finger (7)

Total syns - 11.5
Tue 9th - Red

Breakfast - alpen 28g HEXB, banana (boring, I know but I like it)

Lunch - 1/2 tin salmon, salad

Dinner - lean steak, salad, boiled egg

Snacks 3x babybel light (HEXA), fresh pineapple, carrots, 2 rich tea fingers (2), 1 digestive (3.5), hot choc made with milk from (HEXA) (4), 2 starburst (2)

Total syns - 11.5
Ok, got to wednesday - bad day, kids have been driving me nuts, it's the time of the month and I'm shattered! Have gone over syns:sigh:

Wed 10th feb - green

Breakfast - alpen (HEXB), banana

Lunch - scrambled egg & Beans, grapes

Dinner - 1/2 portion chicken fried rice from chinese (7) (Can the chicken be ny HEXB? lol)

Snacks - fudge (6), 3x babybel light (HEXA), beer (5), rich tea fingers (2)

Milk (HEXA)

Total syns - 20 :(

Will be better tomorrow :)
Thursday 11th Feb - red

Breakfast - weetabix HEXB, milk HEXA, teaspoon sugar (1)

lunch - tuna salad with boiled egg

dinner - bacon omlette

snacks - twix finger (7), banana, nectarine, grapes, carrots

total syns (8)
Been ill over the past few days so no diary. However have lost 2 pounds yay!!! diary on again today!!
Tuesday 16th - First day doing Extra Easy!!

Breakfast - weetabix (HEXB), milk (HEXA), sugar (1)

Lunch - Scrambled egg, 2 ww sausages (1)

Dinner - WW Chicken Curry (3.5)

Snacks - Banana, Grapes, Creme Egg (8.5)

Total syns 14
Wednesday 17th - Extra Easy

Breakfast weetabix (HEXB), Milk (HEXA), sugar (1)

Lunch - 2 WW sausages (1), Beans

Dinner - Tagliatelle, salmon and WW roasted garlic sauce - didn't have much - guessing the sauce at(2)

Snacks - banana, grapes, rice pudding (9)

Total syns - 13

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