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Hi I am on my first day of LT with a huge starting weight of 17st 4 lb
My goal is st be down into the 11's by december it will be my daughters first birthday and I don't want to lok back at the pictures and be horrified by how big I look and it will be nice to be thin for Christmas of course. I had a lapband fitted in July 05 and lost 7 stone I then got pregnant last year with twins however i went into premature labour at 23 weeks and lost one of my babies and the other was very ill for a long time, She is now home and doing fantastic, however I put on so much weight with the pregnancy and the stress. My band has also slipped so no longer works I am getting it taken out in september so also want to lose some weight before the op. I have now decided that I will deal with my weight problem omce and for all. So no weightloss surgery for me nothing but willpower and exercise. sorry for going on. I am very determined I have done LT a few years ago and lost a few stone so I am aware how hard it is but the results are fantastic. I really hope I can do it. This site though is fab and the support I am hoping will get me through. So Hi everyone, looking forward to our journey and seeing so great results. Today is the day! :D
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and welcome, I am a newbie too. First day on shakes and am new to these boards as well. We can do this and I am not far behind your starting weight (16,3)

Welcome to mini's. Best of luck with LT. Sounds like you have been through alot with the band and everything. I see your from manchester i love manchester brill city.

becky xxxxxxx
Hi Saffrons! So sorry to hear about ur little baby but thank god your daughter is doing so well! I have a five year old and a six month old and have been struggling with my weight since number two came along. On day 13 and feeling good though. Best of luck on ur journey though and this is an amazing forum to be on! xx
Welcome and good luck.

you are amazing to be so upbeat after all you have been through. With your determination and strength of character you are sure to be a BIG loser! (weight-wise)

I have 3 children and put on with each pregnancy. I said I would lose after each but the youngest is now 10 and I still hadn't lost the weight. LT was my last hope and boy does it work!

Drink plenty of water, have your 3 shakes everyday and you will be at target before you know it!

The first week is the hardest so jump on here whenever you need the support and someone is bound to be around.

cheers cuddlyfairy. I have to be upbeat the only other option is down and i have finally managed to look at the positives and weightloss is the next step


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Welcome, you've really been through the mill and been so brave. You'll get lots of help and support here :)
I started at 17st 10 so we're quite similar. I go for my weigh-in tomorrow after 3 weeks on LT
Ypu'll do it this time !!:bliss:

You are going to fly this diet - once you get the first week over you its great and this forum really is awesome! You will deffo be looking beautiful in all the pics of ur daughters 1st birthday! :)

I wish you all the very best - you can do it!



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Yeah Saffron, it's the quick results that make the doing wihout food worthwhile.
I have to say that I'm not properly hungry, but sometimes have "mouth hunger"
I never realised how many times a day I turned to food. I hope I'll have learned not to do that in future.


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Hi Welcome to the forum and good luck with lipotrim. It is really brill, best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I love weigh in day and so will you. It makes it all worthwhile and the best thing is it isn't just a good loss one week, it is pretty much every week and it adds up really quickly. x


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Saffron, very touching thread you have, all the best with your 'new life' on this diet, you have been on LT before so the know the results of what this diet can do!!!
Keep your ticker updated, and ask the people around here for support and encouragement if you ever need it, but i think you will not need it as i think you will encouraging others with your strength..

Good luck, take care and shed those pounds!!!


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Welcome aboard Saffron - v touched by your thread - wish you all the very best for your LT journey x Minimims is the place to be :)


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Wow you've been on a journey all ready over past times, sorry to hear about your babe. But I wish you luck with the rest of this journey to the end of your weight loss. And Manchester wooo thats where I originally hail from. Good luck xxx

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