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New to the forums - struggling

Hi all

Am new to these forums so first of all want to say hi to everybody (before I unload my doom and gloom) and apologise if I've done something outside the usual posting etiquette - wrong board etc;

Anyway, I've been doing slimming world since April, and taking the scenic route. That has been fine, because generally I was loosing weight. Anyway, I was 1lb away from my 1.5 stone award and something clicked (the wrong way) inside me. I gained 3lb last week; which is attributed to 3 nights out, that time of the month and also a bit of water retention having cycled a very tough 37 miles the day before weigh in.

When I write it down like that it seems so rational, but I was so devastated about the gain and I haven't been able to pull my socks up ever since.

Any words of wisdom....or people who've been there, done that didn't give up and got their shiny sticker just a week or so behind schedule?

Thanks in advance
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That was a lot of cylcing!

And welcome to the forums, hope you can find the support you need. :)

Dont forget, dont quit and pull yourself up to continue your journey to a new you! :)


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My body hates the stickers, every time I'm close to one I will inevitably lose either a tiny amount, sts or gain, regardless of what I do. I swear I was 3 weeks trying to lose 1lb for an award, then I lost 3.5lbs and hit over and above it without doing anything different. This has happened EVERY time for every award so far (I am currently 3.5lbs away from the 4.5 stone one and I reckon it'll take at least 3 weeks!)

Just think how great it will be to have the next shiny, how great you will feel and how much closer to the next dress size down. Then, plan your meals and focus, cause at next WI you will start to shift it, or if you're luckier than me will lose it all!!! :) Hit the speed foods and water hard and I'm sure you can make a dent in it! :D
I have had an odd month like this, a really positive start I was .05 away from my 7lb award and I gained 3.5lbs :( I am either really good or really awful... I am having an angelic week this week so here's hoping I get a sticker!
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Hi Superdoof!

I too am new to the forums :)

I've been doing sllimming world off and on for a few years now but in the last 4 weeks i've got back on plan and thankfully lost 10lbs.

Try not to be so hard on yourself, i usually find that after a gain i have a decent loss the following two weeks. Just get back on to it straight away, i often find a meal planner is a great help! I make sure i include lots of my favourite meals and lots of fresh fruit.

How much are you wanting to lose? Scenic route or not - the main thing is it is coming off!

Thank you all so much for your responses.

I had group tonight and gained another 0.5lb. Group tonight was super quiet, so rather than have Image Therapy, we all had a bit of a chit chat and if you wanted it a 1 to 1 with consultant. I took that opportunity and am feeling much more positive.

I am away this weekend, which will affect my efforts in the week, but I feel in a better place to deal with it now, and have a damage limitation plan in place, which even if I gain "again" next Monday will keep me in a better frame of mind.

Thanks again
PS. I got a shiny anyway this week, my silver body magic award :)


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Well done Superdoof and good luck for next week. Sounds like you had the best day that you could have had.
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You say you are away this weekend & it will effect your efforts during the week. Have you thought about using your syns on a weekly basis, eg starting the week (from WI) with 105 syns & working your way down. That way you can have a nice weekend without it ruining your chances of any loss & you'll not have the 'I've blown it' attitude.

Have a lovely weekend:p

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