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New to This and Having a Major Panic

S: 25st7.0lb C: 23st7lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 48.6 Loss: 2st0lb(7.84%)
Hullo!! I have just joined, have looked at allllll your threads and I thought you all sounded lovely so you're getting my angst thrown at you. When I was 16 I was around 11 stone at 5ft9. I am now 20 and put on about 3 stone and then when I turned 18 and moved in with the boyfriend I put on another 5 or 6 stone. He was abusive mentally and also a baker and I literally ate Fat Rascals constantly. Prob consumed 5000 calories a day, wow my stretch marks are extensive.

Now I am starting university on 21st Sep and I know I can't lose all the weight but I want to get rid of as much as possible so that I don't feel so much like the fat girl. I am about 17 stone 5, scales today said 17 stone 2 and a quarter but I am saying 17 stone 5 as I won't know till tomorrow whether the 2 is accurate!!. I weighed myself in February at 18 stone 13, I had lost some weight I think but as I hadn't weighed myself I don't really know what my highest is. so highest recorded is 18 stone 13. I have lost 1 stone and a half roughly just because I stopped eating Graemes scones or all of the greasy curries. He thought he could cook but really was useless. you could see a cm of of floating grease in the wok when he was cooking. So I've just lost the weight because I've been walking to work etc.

I get up at 8am. I leave the house at 8.30am I walk 1.7 miles get the train then walk another 2 miles downhill to work. I work in a coffee shop so am active all day. I get to work at around 10am and sit down to eat something. Start work at 11am and end up not getting lunch till 3.30 sometime sand even then I am only allowed 15 minutes so cooking food isn't ideal. Finish at 4. Walk uphill to train station get home at 5.30ish. Point is my working pattern is odd, on the occassion (like everyday next week) I have to work 9 till 6, I'll have to leave the house at 6.30 to get the 7.20 train and then at the other end will get home late. Unless I have my bike in which case I can get the train an hour later as its a quick downhill bike ride but thats in the shop.

I just wrote the above to give you an idea of my lifestyle. I live with my grandparents who constantly buys ice cream and stuff, don't tend to eat it though when I do I binge.

I was wondering whether SS would be appropriate whether its Exante, Kee or Avidlite. I struggle with food, I mean it is absolutely linked to my emotions without a doubt. I might be depressed I don't know I am not a doctor but my weight, depression and food all mixed together are not good lol.
I thought if I did SS I might learn not to associate food with my emotions as I am not eating food. If that makes sense? But I am keen to lose as much weight before Uni, I don't drink etc so I don't see my student lifestyle in leeds making me gain weight but I just don't want to go FAT

I am a tall girl, I carry weight well, I am a size 18 but less than 18 stone. I know someone who is a size 24 at my height and weight. I think I have a lot of muscle as well, I have slim legs even though I am heavy, I used to cycle a lot as a child and I find cycling easy (thats why I don't do it to keep fit as its too easy!!) so I think a bit of my weight must be muscle but my face is completely different than when I was slim and its upsetting.

Sorry about the long message....
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I have to say that this part of the forum doesn't see much action. You may be better off trying the Cambridge/LL/ Lipotrim specific forums.... also look at the inspiration photos above!
However, for what it's worth.

I think only you can decide whether or not you're willing to give up 'real' food totally for a period of time that may stretch into months. It's a personal decision, and nobody can make it for you IYKWIM

In the first place I would try Slim fast for a couple of weeks and see if that suits. Then if you're willing I would seek out your nearest Cambridge diet Counsellor here:
Cambridge Diet: Welcome to Cambridge Diet
make an appointment for a consultation and go from there.
I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your posts and hearing of your successes very soon!


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Hi Abigail,

I live in Leeds too and I have been on LL for a few months now. It is amazing. There are other diets that are just as good but since you have already stated that you know you have emotional issues with food I think it LL is the best option.

The counciling has helped me so much. So not only are you away from food while abstaining you look at the reasons why you eat like you do and what you can do to stop that in the future. Then obviously you put all of this knowledge learnt while abstaining into practice when you go into management.

As Alipally said, I would go into the individual forums for the diets and ask your questions in there. Obviuosly, people will be biased to the forum that you are on but you will get a good understanding of each diet and will be able to make an informed choice.

If you want to PM me for more info feel free.

Good luck with what ever you decide x x

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