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New to this board!

Hello there! I'm new to Minimins.com, just found it because I was googling the new plan to see what discussions were about it and I found one of the threads. This community looks really nice, so I decided to sign up :)

however, I am experiencing a couple of issues, I don't knwo if anyone can help. I noticed that some members here have a lovely signature. All i could write in mine was 150 characters, which doesn't seem the same than some other members' sig... is it maybe that the more posts you write the biggest signature you can have or am I doing something wrong? Also, seems I can't have an avatar and I can't have a gallery... is this normal?:cry:

thanks to anyone who can answer. I have been doing WW twice, once in 2005 and reached goal in jan 2007 (then I met my fiance and I had a few problems with 2 move of home no internet, no ww meeting I could attend for a while and I put not all the weight back on but 4 .5 out of the 5.5 I had lost). I rejoined in July 2009 and reached goal in June 2010. I'm currently maintaining around half a stone under goal.

looking forward to the new plan!:cool:
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I'm new, same as you are, and joined for the same reasons ;) Nowhere near my goal yet though!

I gather you need 50 posts before you can do certain things, maybe signatures is one of them? I'm sure someone will confirm. This is in no way a shamless attempt to bump up my post count...
Hi kagome..I think you have it right, the more you post the more privilages you get, I was the same when i started..thought i hadn't registered properly! but you'll have no problem posting loads on here coz there's so much to discuss...:D You did so well to reach your goal 2nd time around, I imagine it's harder than the 1st..:happy096:
Hi sucette.. I'm only replying to you so you can send me a post back!!!LOL:giggle:and Good luck with your Weight loss!!
Haha thanks. And thanks for the luck! I am taking it slow this time, but slow and steady wins the race as they say. I had my third weigh-in on saturday and have lost half a stone, it turns out. I really don't feel like it! But it's encouraging. It all seems a bit too easy at the moment, worried something is going to knock me off my podium of weight-loss euphoria!
Your right about taking it slower..I think it's the only to KEEP it off, I've tried so many other diets n got to a target weight with a lot of them but i always manage to pile it back on. i find the difference in ww is that i look at food different and i'm learning whats good for me! You have to enjoy your WL euphoria while it lasts and if you do have a bad day popping on here is a great help...we're all in the 1 boat!! but i find that if i have 3lbs or 0.5 lbs off either way it's a loss and once i'm not putting it on i'm happy!
oh well, I suppose it's an incentive to do what I like the most -- e.g. chatting on the board and answering to messages! :D how lovely! I'm starting to like this board a lot!

thanks for the warm welcome and welcome even to you, sucette! It took me 10 months to lose 4.5 stone, you lost half a stone in 3 weeks' WELL DONE! You'll see, you'll get there in no time :)
You can post an avatar at 20 posts and your signature space will increase a bit then. But its once you get to 50 that you get full access :)
thank you starlight! Now it makes perfect sense :D Avatar, here I come!!!!:)
Welcome to MiniMins!! :D and well done on reaching your goal!! i still have 20 odd lb to go!! :(
thanks guys! I didn't notice that so many people replied :D

Go on you all will get to your goals!:cool:
Hi welcome and well done to you on your excellant losses xx
I have yoyoed for years now im trying to change my life style,have lose 52lbs have 54lb to go to goal then maybe more see how I feel.
Im looking forward to the new plan too :)
Good luck hun xx
Hi I'm new to this board to, I joined for the same reasons as well :)
I'm getting really excited about the new plan, but I do plan to join WW this week, so I know I'm all set.
I lost nearly 3 st with WW 7 years ago after my 1st child, now my 4th is nearly 1 yr and I haven't lost a thing :( I need to lose about 2.5 st.
I kept saying that I would do it on my own at home - only eating when I'm hungry, etc, but it hasn't worked to I'm going back to WW.
I was going to go to a local meeting on Wednesday morning, which I think will be good as I can walk there with the buggy. But I phoned up WW to check something and asked about my old leader and she is still doing a Wednesday morning class a drive away.
I really like my old leader, and when I couldn't make her local Saturday class (ballet classes) I would drive to her other class. I have rejoined WW after every baby, but never got back to goal!
Not sure what to do. My old leader is so very positive about WW, but then the new one might be too.
Any thoughts.
I decided to go to the local meeting. The leader seems nice and it is a good walk with baby in buggy. I'm still anxious to start the new plan and get a new pedometer, but I'm pleased I went and have started tracking on esource for this week.
It has made it easy to see why I've not lost any weight in a year! 1 more biscuit here, an extra glass of wine (or 2) there :(
thanks Kittycat!

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