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Extra Easy New to this forum :) needing help/advise

Hi all,

From Jan - October last year i lost 4 stone with slimmingworld and after then basically have found it a constant up and down battle, this year mainly focusing on the gym.

In the last two weeks i have gone to the gym 5 days a week, 500-800 calories burned a time depending on the work out im doing.

I have gone to weigh in tonight and gained a pound. Im feeling very disheartened and just finding it such a battle now to get the weight off.

i started at 15.5, i am now 11.4 and want to be 10 stone.

Do you think the gym could be causing me to retain water/gain muscle or is that a myth?
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Have you tried keeping track of your measurements? Just because your not loosing on the scales, doesnt mean your not loosing inches around your arms, thighs, tummy etc. Do your clothes fit you better? Another good tell tale sign.

Also dont be too hard on yourself, what an amazing weight loss!!! Sometimes you need to shake things up try different foods or different types of exercises.

Good luck :)
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It could be that you aren't eating enough. When we exercise a lot but restrict our food, the body sometimes thinks it needs to cling on to every calorie - you should be eating all your syns exercising at that rate. If you drink plenty of water it's unlikely to be water retention. The muscle/fat thing is tricky. It actually takes a heck of a lot of weight training exercise to build (and thus gain) a lb of muscle...but if you do it, it takes up less space than fat. That's why it's important to take your measurements as well as go by the numbers on the scale.
What's definitely true is that doing exercise of any type is good for you. It'll be making you fitter, enabling you to burn calories more efficiently, breathe better, pump blood round your body better, release endorphins....etc!

Try increasing your food, that's my suggestion. Keep a food diary for the week you do it and see what the results say. If you're yoyo-ing, it can't hurt to try it and see what happens. Also keep an activity log and try to vary the exercises you're doing as well as the duration. Keep the body guessing so it doesn't get used to one thing. Lots of water. Eat something protein-rich within 30 mins of exercising. Use your syns.

(Also, don't take the cals burnt readings on the machines as true - they're just a guideline as we all burn very differently! )

I know how disheartening it can be when you're messing round with the same few lbs - get your head in the zone, keep a diary and focus and you'll get shifting again. It gets harder the less you have to lose.

Hellie xx
Thanks for your responses.

I eat a lot while im at work, oranges, plums, pears, pineapple etc but im going to try and eat more super speed in that mix also mixing up my diary by using my healthy choice as cereal instead of two alpen bars. the change may push a loss and it also means eating more.

I did take my measurements last year so would be interesting to take some measurements today.

Again thanks for your help, il take it all on board. Im willing to do anything.

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