New to this weightless malarkey


New Member
Hello everyone I'm a new member, never joined a group like this before but I'm determined to lose this mountain of weight I've gained, any support is greatly appreciated. I'm attempting the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and im going solo as no available cash to spend on going to groups. I used to be one of those annoying string beans who could eat whatever they liked and never gained an ounce, weighing 9 st at 5ft6. Well it's safe to say at 12st8 that's no longer the case. I'm on my second week now and im desperately trying to follow what I believe are the rules 1/3 fruit or veg every meal and 2/3 free food, upto 15 syns a day and plenty to drink (Sadly not prosecco tho) I walk lots but my vice is chocolate which I'm trying to restrict to small bar in eve. Sorry to witter on ☺
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