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Hi all, i am due to start LT for the second time (only lasted 3 days previouslly) but wondered if i would get away with having a splash of milk in my tea. I find it harder to give up my much loved cup of tea i think then the food, it makes me function in the morning without it i dont know what id do lol
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Nope, sorry hun, no milk. Just tea and water on it's own :D


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hello and welcome.. Not sure what would happen if you do have milk but I would say don't.. Its a strict diet for a reason, its not supposed to be easy but getting the reward at the end will make it worth it.

Another thing is if you're not strict about milk in tea it could lead to not being strict about other things if you arent in the full mode of what your doing.. my opinion only..

Best of luck! :)


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Use a little vanilla mixed up as a 'creamer'. I did this for the first few days now I have it black as I don't want to 'waste' my shakes! LOL!


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I was dreading the no milk rule when I started but I now love my black coffee and dont think ill use milk again even when I finish, its amazing how you adapt, the first week I hated it now I love it :) Good luck with your restart I love this diet :)
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as said milk is a no no

very strict diet but equally as rewarding

and i have been off LT now for several weeks and still dont have milk in tea or coffee as im just so used to it
Definitely no milk hun, you will get used to it after a week or so. I am refeeding now, and still have my tea black as I love it, but I did add a little splash to my coffee last night. I still like the coffee black too.
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ok thanks guys for letting me know, maybe i will try the vanilla shake idea just to take the edge off to get me through the first few days


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I totally understand. I was a complete tea queen and the thought of that cuppa in the morning without a splash of milk was scary. I still can't stand black tea so I have now adapted to black coffee (never been a coffee drinker previously!) and am quite liking it. Also green teas or any leaf teas can make a nice hot change. Good luck.