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New to ww. need help please :)


so sorry if this is long :)

ive recently started the weight watchers diet,
i cant afford to go to the meetings and stuff but have started to do it by myself and order the starter pack off ebay for now anyway , no money till i start back at college

Ive figured out my points using the forums and wanted some advice and tips really

some encoragment wouldnt go a miss

Im 5"4ish ( last time i checked)

and weigh about 12 stone

Im looking to loose about 2 stone


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What can we help you with? If you follow the rules, you'll be SO pleased with the results!
Im just finding it really hard to believe i can loose weight with this diet
is it for real i can eat anything i want as long as its within my points and after some time ill see results?
im not saying it doesnt work, cos you people are proof it does

After doing it for 3 days i feel much better, as i was eating one meal a day and loads of snacks . the last three days ive had breakfast, dinner and tea

im really excited to see results and i feel good on this diet


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I lost 3 stones on WW. I suggest you write everything down you have, weigh everything and keep a good check on your points.

Have you worked out how many points a day you should be on?

It is also worth buying the WW magazine as it always has lots of good recipes and ideas in it.

Good luck
Irene xx


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it really is as good as it lucks you will lose your weight in no time and yes it is strange eating 3 meals aday but you will soon get used to it, i ve been doing it since 25th may and so far ive lost 24.5 pds. anyway good luck and welcome
ive worked out how many i get a day, i get 20, although the last few days ive been using about 15 of them as ive been full from having meals when i want.
im bidding on a starter pack on ebay for this year
My mum did weight watchers a few years back and still has some of the stuff which may be of help
can i ask if any of you exercise along the way, im not a fan of exercise but if it helps i will, im getting wii fit asap which im hoping will help

Thanks for all your kindness
ok thanks

i do the odd bit of walking and ocassionally feel the urge to do a bit of yoga

Till im back at college im not really doing much.

my aim is to fit into my size 12 skinny jeans properly again
i can only just about get into them in a squeeze, but they dont look best attractive haha

so as long as i stay in my points range i should see a difference right?


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Its hard to belive it works but it does ive lost 9 1/2 lb in 3 weeks!

I would try and use more of your points, I lost 1/2 an lb more the week i used all but 1 - 2 points in a day

and yes eat anything u want as long as u stay in your points
Tuesday night is my choco night i use my left over points and have two bags of malteasers

I try and exersize daily ive been ill this week so havent

I dont use the exersize points for food though, I use the exersize to tone and target my main problem areas, no point loosing weight where i aignt fussed before the bits i hate
im saving some of mine for friday gonna have a massive pizza and some curly fries with my boyfriend :D

well im determind to spend 30 mins exercising at least tommorow, i need to tone my legs so bad, cant actually wait to be slimmer.

does anyone know if theres any points in green tea? cos i drink a rather lot of it, without milk though


bye bye baby tummy
S: 14st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st7lb(10.61%)
S: 30kg C: 30kg G: 60kg BMI: 13 Loss: 0kg(0%)
It's important to get some exercise, even if it's walking. Louisa's a new Mum so she's doing the herculean job of several people at once so she's getting plenty of exercise but the rest of us need to tone up. I've seen a lot of small bums this summer that are so NOT toned that they are worse that bigger but firmer ones! LOL
There are often special offers on-line that aren't too expensive. I'm doing WW on-line as you get all the tools to help. Just for 3 months.
well ive switched to all the low fat alternatives, although im going to have one treat a week
Thank you for the voucher, im about to do 30 mins on the exercise bike, when i get wii fit ill be doing 2 hours a day again ( i got addicted to it haha) im gonna buy a ww magazine today also


bye bye baby tummy
S: 14st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st7lb(10.61%)
I wanna add something, this week i been ill and not exersized even though i was in my points my bodys used to atleast a 30 min work out every 2 days so, if you start exersizing keep it something you can regularly do because i hadnt done my regular i STS this week

So i would say if you can only garentee yourself a 15 min walk each day every day just do that if u say your gunna do an hour work out each day and after 2 weeks u cant be bothered it dont do u any favours hth
well as soon as i have wii fit again im guarenteed to do 2 hours exercise per day, because i find it really fun, and its definatly a good workout lol, im always walking so i should be fine i hope, usally have a look in clothes shops and stuff

well i hope i loose a few pounds before 2 weeks time because i have a gorgeous dress for a friends wedding party.

i accidently went over my points by one today :(
its because i brought a sandwhich from asda thinking it wouldnt be that high in points

But it wont hurt will it?
because i hadnt used enough points previously