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New user with a secret :(

S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st12lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi everyone. I am new on minimins but over the years have tried WW about 5 times. I have just realised I have a binge eating disorder and I feel I now understand the reasons I have failed WW in the past.

When I say I have binge eating disorder I have done a lot of research and all of the signs are there- e.g this morning I felt tired, stressed, bored and fat. So just now on my lunch instead of eating the healthy chicken salad I made for lunch I went home and within 40 minutes ate 2 smarties cookies, a dairy milk icecream (the big ones) a large cheese, ham and salad cream baguette and a whole packet of biscuits. On WW that is probably about 35 points. I did a very similar thing on my lunch yesterday and then proceeded in the evening to go home and eat a whole large bar of white chocolate, 1 smarties cookie, a packet of biscuits, 2 doughnuts and 3 chilli fajita wraps loaded with cheese. I am now 12 stone 9.5lbs and when I first started WW 3 years ago I was 11st 4lbs.

I think that dieting has actually made me fatter and made me develop this eating disorder. I suppose it is like bulimia but you dont make yourself sick after each meal, you just want to cry.

I know this is a lot on my first post but I needed to tell someone as I have just realised this is what I have a I feel too ashamed to tell my family or boyfriend. I am going on holiday i just over 3 weeks and wanted to loose a stone before that but now Im scared Im stuck in a vicious cycle.

Help me please x
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No need to feel ashamed at all Becca. I am similar in that I eat when I am bored. I don't be hungry and yes like you I could binge for Ireland. The first positive thing that you've done is admit that you have a problem binging and sharing is caring as they say. Everyone on here is brilliant for tips, advice and help. I wouldn't be without here - this can become your new addiction (over food). I have had days like you in the past - days when things get in on you but you only end up feeling worse and then this leads to more binges (well for me it did). I am determined that will my fellow WW minimins that I am going to get the weight off this time.

In 3 weeks you could have at least 4 or 5 lbs off - don't be embarrassed at all by how you feel. It's so easy to get into a vicious circle and feel like you can't get out of it - YOU CAN!!!!

I don't know how many times over the past few weeks I have said that "tomorrow is the last day that I eat x, y or z" but go back on it. But I am going to make a huge conscious effort to do it this time. I want to do it for me and if you can't do it for yourself then who can you do it for.

Hope I don't sound too preachy here and frighten you off. Good Luck on your Weight Loss Journey - you can get there. :)
S: 11st4lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Becca.. im quite new to minimins but i find that reading over ppls posts and all the different situations and problems ppl face really gives u encouragement... im just one ov them ppl who when it gets to the weekend all my hard work for the week is ruined... im determined this weekend will be different!!
everyone on here is so nice.. and help u with anything u need.. any questions will be answered by someone who is prob thinking the same.. so instead of going home on ur lunch stay at work and read through the website... u wont be tempted to binge cos there will be ppl around u!
good luck with everything xxxx:grouphugg:
Becca look at the honesty you have just shared... its an amazing admission and the reason nearly all of us are here is that we have eaten more than our bodies require. :cry:As Lady Vegas says this then becomes a vicious circle and I know from when I was small that if I got a good report it equalled a treat like a large bar of choc,:17729: if I was brave... home cooked apple pie,:argh: If i was sad...pancakes. :eatdrink051:For every emotion i experienced it seemed to end in food. Strange then that all my children are really slim and fit? Not strange as for every report, brave act or sadness they recieve a big hug , kiss and are told that Im proud so the circle for them has never even started.
So for you to break yours you have actually taken a huge step and I for one am proud.:patback: Its going to take baby steps and there will be times that food will win but if you know that then its not failure. Use us as often as you want instead of reaching for the food. I now am making baby shawls every night instead of eating and at Christmas will donate them to local hospital. My little boy is lego mad so Ive started helping him and Ive also bought a pc game that I get lost in so it means another hour without food hence distancing the urge . Im not saying any of it is easy but if it was would this web site exist and be such a support to us? :grouphugg:
We all need each other on this special journey so Becca dont feel alone, and if you want to add me as a friend please feel free and then you can message me any time for a catch up. Sending you and anyone who feels the same one of my very special hugs ... Maria xx:hug99:

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