New year new beginning


Hi All,
I managed to get to my local group today, struggled to get home though in the snow!
Anyway it took my mind of the dreadful weight I was, 1st time I have ever really been near to tears at a slimming class!:cry:

So I will never ever ever be this weight again!:)

Tomorrow I will be lighter and then its downwards.
Looking forward to snuggling up with new magazine, low fat hot choc and some grapes tonight!
Look forward to getting to know you all and well done on all your weight losses!

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You are right Debbie you are on the road now - best of luck!!


Starting over
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well done for starting, you'll be shifting those pounds in no time:)


Hi all, Day 1 proper today,
Why I eat so much rubbish when after 1 day on lovely food I feel so much better I don't know! Think my brain is a bit screwed up!

Had lovely bran flakes with strawberry and grapes chopped on top for brekkie.
Huge ham salad after a 2 hour walk in the snow.
Having lean lamb,yorkiepud,med 3 syns,butternut squash,carrots,roast pots,broccoli all free for tea!

I am booking my holiday on friday so that will give me even more to look forward to I hope.

Heres to a fab week!


Day 5, holiday booked!!!!

hi all,
Sick of this snow now! So cold but beautiful to look at I suppose. It lovely if you don't have to drive in it!
Anyway,feeling really good today. Bought a lovely jumper (1st item of clothing I have got in about 4 months,even though I haven't even had 1st weigh in i just feel better.
Booked holiday in October in Cuba for 2 weeks so excited and would an excellent thing to aim for. i cannot and will not go there as fat as this!
So I have 40 weeks of weigh ins.
Not going to be too hard on myself so I sure I can lose 1lb a week, thats 3 and a half stone! OMG is it? I can do that!!!
Can I ?
Well here goes!
Take care and good luck all x x:D


5lbs whoop!

Hi all
had first weigh in today and have lost 5lb.
So pleased and feel great!
Discovered a love of prawns with sweet chilli dip!
Realised that I can't count and that in fact 40lb does not equal 3 and half stone! LOL!
So am going to head for 3 stone 42lb!
Hope that with 1lb a week I am being realistic. Its amazing how I feel so much better already this week.
Have so much more energy and feel better about myself.Probably just because i am doing something about my blobby body!
Wih all my layers,scarf,coat etc i feel like mr blobby in this weather.
Good luck everyone!:flirt2:


Going for it.
S: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb
Well done Debpat - brilliant start. You can do this!

I do find booking a holiday really concentrates the mind. In a Slimming World sort of way.

The NHS should provide them gratis for anyone with a BMI of more than 30 in my opinion. Would save them a ton of money in the long term. :D


weigh in week 2!

Hi all well I am so pleased to say I lost another 3lb,so 8lb in 2 weeks.
Wow so excited and raring to go!
Set myself 1lb a week target for 40 weeks till Cuba so at this rate 38 more to go, that would be 3st 4lb loss! Would be so happy to do that.
Hope all you guys are doing well.
Have my work "christmas do" saturday nigh but driving so should be fine!
Will power !!

week 1.......5lb:)
week 2.......3lb:p


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That's excellent! You're doing really well! Enjoy your Xmas do this weekend, it's a bit bizarre having a do this long after Christmas, but I always think that ones at the end of November which often happen are a tad premature too! :D


Starting over
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.8 Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
well done, what a great start! It's lovely having a holiday to look forward to and just imagine how much slimmer you'll be by then, a great incentive:)


Hi all,
not had much time to update this week.
So managed to grab pc before i go to sleep.
Sure I bought this laptop for myself not the kids-so how come I always seem to have to rescue it from little ones room!!!!
Anyway work meal went well, had one small glass of champagne then sparkling water.
It was quite amusing to see the others falling all over the place and know I wouldn;t have a hangover the next day!

Anyway weigh in number 3 today and was amazed and surprised to of lost 4.5lb. That is 12.5 in 3 weeks! I was stunned but so chuffed. well worth all the effort and as I am off the demon choccie seems it is working too. I think running up the stairs everytime is helping and the long walks are doing the trick.
Really want 1.5 next week for my stone award.
I on slimmer of the month in class as well so really motivated.Long may it continue!!!!
Good luck everyone and keep going!:break_diet::D


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Wow! Fantastic losses...well done! Great to see you're so motivated x


Hi all,
where do the weeks go???
1st Feb already. had more snow this morning but at least we are having a few
outbursts of sunshine now,amazing how that makes u feel better.
Have weigh in number 4 tomorrow and hoping for that 1and half lb to make my stone.
feel so much better though, seem to be making more of an effort clothes,make up etc.
Starting to feel like i am worth a bit more.
Still so far to go but setting myself some mini goals!

Goal 1...............1stone loss
goal 2................under 16st
goal 3................1.5stone
goal 10 ..12and half lb to go.

think that will help me over next few weeks and give me aims that seem manageable.
Will renew them when i get there lol!
Good luck everyone!


new yr new beginning ooooommmmmmmmmgggggg!

evening everyone,
had huge shock today and lost another 4and half lb!
I did work hard this weekend and haven't cheated at all but even so was so shocked.
So thats my 1stone aim done,its left me needing 1.5lb to get under the 16st next week,that would be fantastic its at least 1 yr since i was under 16st.
going to make lasagne tomorrow i think and loads of jelly to keep me on the straight and THIN! lol!
really enjoying this extra easy at the moment and really only using my syns for extras light sauce butter mayo etc. Of course using them for the weekend wine as well!
Hope everyone is doing well!
Take care x:eek:


Hi, well week 6 and surprisingly going well.
had daughters 18th this weekend and 15 for dinner last night, gave them all a fanatstic tea all syn free of course.
They all said it was delicious so was well happy.
So had a few(quite a few) bacardis over the course of the weekend but all with diet coke so all good.
So my goals a little while ago were
1. 1stone loss.............achieved
2. Below 16st..............achieved
3. 1 and half stone loss..achieved today
4. club 10 another 2lb to go!!!!

So am posting my next few weeks goals and hoping that is another incentive!
5..................under 15 half stone
6...................loose 2 st
7...................into the 14 somethings.

Wow can't believe I am even thinking about being 14 something what an achievement that would be.
Think national health should provide clothing allowance for us fatties if we manage to lose some weight as my jeans are seriously getting loose now. All good news though!
Hope everyone is doing ok!
Debs x


Evening all my wonderful sw buddies,
i so love logging on and reading all the diaries and posts,
it really keeps me motivated and i hope in some way that I help others too.
I think we always think we can never do it ourselves and sometimes its always oh well I can't do that or they are lucky if it works for them, but this time it seems to be working for me so I am enjoying the moment! Up to now I have lost 1st 9lb. I went straight after new year and feel like a different person.

I am loving cooking and thinking of new ideas, I think the best investment is my wonderful slow cooker!

SSyn free butternut squash soup and potato and leek! Yum!

Anyway way in tomorrow so will have to see how this week has gone! Good luck everyone!


hi all,
just a mega quick update tonight as I have to be up at 5.15am for work!! Oh when will it be warm and light,
so fed up of cold dark mornings!
Anyway amzing news have lost another 3lb this week, which is 1st 12ld in all and my 10 per cent!
Feel so good even though my BMI is still over 35 ouch!! it really is a step in the right direction. setting my next target goal at another 10 per cent so another 1 and half stone, with lots of little ones along the way.
Next one 2lb more for my 2stone award! Hope you are all having a good week